Sushant's gym trainer revealed, actor was taking mysterious medicines since December

Sushant's gym trainer revealed, actor was taking mysterious medicines since December

Mumbai: Actor Sushant Singh Rajput's suicide case has taken a different turn. In this case, the number of disclosures that have not been made in the last one and a half months, it has happened in these two three days only. Now recently, Sushant's gym trainer has also made some revelations about the actor. The trainer has told that Sushant was taking some medicines since December. Which they had never taken before that.

In fact, Sushant's father KK Singh has lodged an FIR against Reha Chakraborty a month and a half after the son's death. In this FIR, Sushant's father has made many serious allegations against Reha. After this, many new revelations are happening continuously. Meanwhile, the gym trainer Sushantke has now told that Sushant Singh Rajput was taking some mysterious medicines from December 2019. Which had a bad effect on his health. Speaking to the media, Sushant's gym trainer Sami Ahmed said that Sushant had never taken these medicines before. Sushant's hands and feet were constantly trembling with these drugs.

They started living much more restless. Sami told, 'Sushant had never used this medicine before. He was taking a course of these medicines for a month or two. When I refused him, he said that after starting the course it cannot be finished in the middle.

Sami further revealed that Sushant had told him that he was suffering from depression as well as dengue. Sushant reported in November that he was suffering from dengue after returning from Paris. Apart from this, he was also taking counseling from a doctor. Sushant's behavior had changed a lot. Sushant never used to take medicines before this. Even he did not take medicine in viral fever. Due to these medicines, he was not able to workout properly.

Please tell that Sushant was found dead on June 14 at his Mumbai flat. After which the Mumbai Police was engaged in the investigation of the case. But no such revelations could be made in the Mumbai Police investigation which would have any benefit in this case. The Mumbai Police was only investigating the matter by linking it to nepotism. But now this matter has come at a different point.