Sushmita Sen discloses that she had a heart attack before filming the action scene for “Aarya 3”

The actress Sushmita Sen, who had a heart attack while shooting the third season of her popular streaming series “Aarya,” went into detail about how the set and surroundings on the set made it easier for her to get used to the procedure.

“Aarya” connotes power; someone who can both command and be a storm. Sushmita Sen, who portrays this role, is as ferocious, however. Following a fatal health crisis, Sushmita quickly resumed her role as “Aarya Sareen.”

Sushmita spoke candidly about her want to go back to work on the show’s sets, stating, “I think the more you sit and think about a situation, the opportunity it has to consume you. I simply needed my doctor’s OK to continue since that’s the only way to overcome any obstacle in life.

The former Miss Universe added, “At first, I didn’t think shooting action sequences just one month after my heart attack was possible, but the trust I had in my team was enough.”

“I felt confident coming back to the set because I knew I had the support I needed anytime I needed it,” Sushmita said. “We had a full hospital setup, doctors, an ambulance, and everything ready as we resumed shooting.”

In the third season, Ila Arun—who is unquestionably the queen of the supply side—intercepts Aarya as she sets her sights on the transportation and supply of the illicit substance.

“Aarya 3,” which was co-written, co-directed, and produced by the visionary Ram Madhvani, Amita Madhavni, Ram Madhvani Films, and Endemol Shine India, will premiere on Disney+ Hotstar on November 3.

Sushmita was also featured in the online series “Taali” in the meanwhile. The program vividly depicts the inspirational path of Sushmita’s character, transgender activist Shreegauri Sawant. Arjun Singgh Baran and Kartk D. Nishandar are the creators, while Ravi Jadhav is the director.


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