Suvinder Vicky’s back problems make her hesitant to perform in action situations

Mumbai on May 9. In the next movie, “Bhaiyya Ji,” actor Suvinder Vicky, who won praise for his faultless depiction of a troubled police officer in “Kohrra,” would play an adversarial force against Manoj Bajpayee’s title character.

Along with the crew, the actor, who mostly works in Punjabi cinema, attended the trailer presentation for the movie on Thursday in Mumbai.

In interviews with the media, Suvinder said that his back problems made it difficult for him to execute the action scenes in the movie.

“It was very difficult for me to perform action sequences in the film because I have back issues,” the actor said to the reporters present at the event. I was told by the doctor to use caution and not apply excessive pressure.

Then he related an event in which Apoorv Singh Karki, the film’s director, jokingly asked him, “Will Manoj fight against a wall if he isn’t ready to do heavy-duty action?”

Suvinder, who was previously unaware of the eastern state, expressed his thanks for the chance the movie gave him to learn more about Bihar and its culture while it was being filmed.

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