Tarsem Singh, a Hollywood filmmaker, is planning to shoot his debut movie in India

Tarsem Singh, a Hollywood filmmaker, is planning to shoot his debut movie in India

The highly regarded and well-known filmmaker Tarsem Singh is getting ready to start shooting his debut movie, "Dear Jassi," in India.

Tarsem will film his first major motion picture in India for this project.

The film, which is based on a real tale, was photographed by renowned Hollywood director of photography Brendan Galvin. Bhushan Kumar, Wakaoo Films, Vipul D. Shah, Ashwin Varde, Rajesh Bahl, Creative Strokes Group (Sanjay Grover), and Tarsem Singh are the producers of the movie. Amit Rai, the writer and director of "Oh My God 2," wrote the screenplay.

The topic of "Dear Jassi" has always had special meaning for Tarsem. He said, "My passion project is that. I also think that this is the ideal moment for the world to see it. Such a compelling tale demands to be told." The cast of the movie is an eclectic mix of well-known Indian and foreign actors, with the post-production taking place in Montreal, Canada.

His best-known Hollywood productions are The Cell (starring Jennifer Lopez), The Fall (starring Lee Pace), Immortals (starring Henry Cavill and Frieda Pinto), Mirror Mirror (starring Julia Roberts), and Self/Less (Ryan Reynolds, Ben Kingsley).

T-Series announced the partnership on social media as follows:

Aside from his work on feature films, Tarsem is famous worldwide for his award-winning commercials and music videos, which have starred some of the biggest names in pop culture, including Brad Pitt, Lady Gaga, Deep Forest, R.E.M., and Enrique Iglesias.

According to Tarsem, the right synergy enabled the movie to be created. "I worked with a fantastic group of producers on this movie." "This is our first step into popular international film and we are pleased with the experience," said Bhushan Kumar, who is overjoyed with the whole thing. "Tarsem is a virtuoso and it was really beautiful to witness him weave his magic on site," remarked Vipul D. Shah of Wakaoo Films. The world will be startled, said Ashwin Varde of Wakaoo Films. "It's an exceptional topic handled by an extraordinary filmmaker." Wakaoo Films' Rajesh Bahl said, "Tarsem stands out as unique. His incredible vision is matched by his unwavering love and devotion to the profession." "Having done films at MGM Studios; producing my first picture with a filmmaker like Tarsem whom I admire and to collaborate with imaginative producers like T-Series and Wakaoo Films is honestly extremely thrilling," Sanjay Grover (former Executive & Producer, MGM Studios, LA) of Creative Strokes Group stated. The 50-day filming of "Dear Jassi" took place across Punjab, and the last two-week schedule will start filming in Canada very shortly.

In the middle of 2023, the movie will have a massive global release.