The actor on stage is grabbed by Junior NTR's fan after she pushes past security

The actor on stage is grabbed by Junior NTR's fan after she pushes past security

Actor Jr. NTR from Telugu visited the Das Ka Dhamki pre-release screening in Hyderabad, when a fan grabbed him on stage in an effort to take a photo with him. As a fan rushes past the security guards and gives Jr. NTR a hug from behind, he can be seen leaving the stage in the footage. Jr. NTR prevented the actor's security team from removing the fan.

While they posed for a picture, Jr. NTR waited patiently with his arm around the fan. He continuously signalled to his security to leave them alone. Before stepping off the stage, the fan thanked the performer.

Fans of the RRR actor praised him for his kindness and poise under pressure. "Jr NTR's affection for his followers," someone tweeted. Jai NTR was also written by another fan, and "He is gold" was added by a third.

The actor just travelled back to India after the Oscars. The song "Naatu Naatu" by RRR won the Oscar for Best Original Song. When Jr. NTR arrived in Hyderabad a few days ago, he was greeted by a crowd of followers. At the airport, the actor chatted with the press. He reportedly said, "Watching MM Keeravaani and Chandrabose win the Oscar trophy was the finest moment," according to ANI. RRR makes me really proud. I want to thank everyone in India for supporting RRR since the support of the movie industry and the public made it possible for us to win this honour (the Oscar).

The next movie that Jr NTR will appear in will include Bollywood actress Jahnvi Kapoor. Saif Ali Khan, an actor, has reportedly joined the cast of the movie as the adversary. Yet there has been no formal confirmation.