The cast of "The Elephant Whisperers" names their Oscar "Goldie Monga Kapoor"

The cast of "The Elephant Whisperers" names their Oscar "Goldie Monga Kapoor"

It has been dubbed "Goldie Monga Kapoor" by Guneet Monga's friends and colleagues the Oscar for "The Elephant Whisperers" that she brought home on Friday morning.

"Goldie" refers to the statuette's 24-carat gold plating, while "Monga Kapoor" is a combination of Guneet's and her newlywed husband Sunny Kapoor's last names.

Screenwriter Annukampa Harsh relates this tale in an intriguing Instagram post full of images from the Oscar winner's celebration with her closest friends at her office in Mumbai. She describes how when Guneet and Sunny got married, his dadi was a big fan "The vision of the newlyweds bearing lovely children into the world was a blessing from God. 'Goldie Monga Kapoor' is the first person Guneet and Sunny have brought into our life."

Guneet was joined in the celebration by her right-hand at Sikhya Entertainment, COO Achin Jain, who was by her side the entire time at the Oscars, longtime collaborator Shaan Vyas, who is now a self-employed short film director, and Mozez Singh, who is helming the candid documentary on Yo Yo Honey Singh's life that Guneet is producing for Netflix.

Her Guruji, the deity known in Delhi as the Chhattarpur Mandir Wale Guruji, kept her company in spirit as well as keeping an eye on the group from his photos widely displayed on the walls of the Sikhya office.

"The Oscar that has come home isn't just the reflection of one's movie's glory, but that of a long journey — a journey that began with @guneetmonga's vision of @sikhya and the many years of perseverance, tenacity, and unwavering faith in the face of shirkers, sceptics, and naysayers," Annukampa wrote in response to a question about the significance of the Oscar for

That is the outcome of @achinjain20's perseverance and collaboration during Guneet's continual effort and manifestation for more than 15 years, Annukampa said.