The Kerala Story is not a political biographical narrative; interfere not: ECI to the High Court of Kerala

The Election Commission of India (ECI) has declined to take the matter into consideration, despite the CPM and the Congress in Kerala coming out against the film’s screening, claiming that it has the potential to polarize society along religious lines and aid the BJP in the general election. The ECI said in a letter presented to the Kerala High Court that it is not within its purview to intervene in this matter.

“The commission has previously considered complaints about films that were distributed ahead of time, such as biopics of politicians and public personalities. The Kerala Story, however, does not fit inside this category. As a result, the commission is not involved in this matter, the letter said. The ECI made note of the fact that the film is accessible on open channels such as YouTube, OTT, and others, and that it had its global theatrical debut on May 5, 2023. As a result, the film was already in the public domain when the Model Code of Conduct (MCC) was implemented on March 16.

The poster for the Kerala narrative.
‘The Kerala Story’ screening was postponed due to intervention from the bishop of Thamarassery.
Furthermore, a public organization like as Doordarshan is able to choose which films to screen while considering the business aspects of the production. The letter was sent by the commission in response to a petition against the movie’s April 5 Doordarshan broadcast.

The petitioner claimed that the film encourages religious terrorism and that its sole purpose in airing on an Indian government station is to defame Kerala and sow discord among the populace. The petitioner also claimed that the movie’s release violated the MCC, which forbids the government in power from using state apparatus for illegitimate purposes.

The petition was denied by the court. The petitioner’s attorney claimed that because the movie premiered on April 5, the case had become infructuous when it was heard on April 11.

The poster for the Kerala narrative.
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