The Pop King's nephew Jaafar Jackson will portray him in the biopic

The Pop King's nephew Jaafar Jackson will portray him in the biopic

The 26-year-old nephew of Michael Jackson, Jaafar Jackson, is prepared to play his famous uncle in the forthcoming biopic Michael by Antoine Fuqua. Jaafar's first significant film part will be in this.

Variety claims that the movie would explore the complicated life of the musician who became known as the King of Pop.

The movie will examine every facet of Michael Jackson's life, from the world-famous performances that made him the greatest performer of all time to the allegations of child sexual abuse that were levelled against him both before and after his death. According to reports, the Michael Jackson estate is collaborating with the film, which may have an impact on how the accusations are presented.

Jackson was cleared of all charges of sexually abusing children in a 2003 court decision, but the allegations still around him today. Jackson, who always insisted in his innocence, died in 2009 at the age of 50.

Jaafar Jackson, according to Variety, is the second-youngest kid of the great composer, producer, and Jackson 5 member Jermaine Jackson, whose famous brother was the legendary Michael Jackson.

"In Jaafar, I see my son. It's amazing to see him continuing Michael Jackson's heritage of artists and entertainers "Katherine Jackson, the late singer's mother, said Variety.

Before settling on the man to portray the King of Pop, according to producer Graham King, the cast and crew undertook a thorough survey of the whole world.

Graham King stated, "When I first met Jaafar more than two years ago, I was astounded by the way he so naturally personifies the spirit and character of Michael.

"Even after a thorough investigation of the whole planet, it was obvious that he was the only individual qualified to fill this post. I'm overjoyed that he's agreed to play his uncle, and I can't wait for everyone to see him in Michael Jackson on the big screen "Added he.

A title and release date have not yet been publicly disclosed, despite the fact that shooting is expected to start later this year.

Additionally, Jaafar Jackson sings.

2019 saw the release of his first self-titled song, Got Me Singing.