These Pictures Show That Rashami Desai And Ankita Lokhande Are Friendship Goals

Days after the most recent season of Bigg Boss concluded, actors Rashami Desai and Ankita Lokhande, who are both well-known and longtime friends on Indian television, reunited. Fans are glad to see them back together even though everything seems to be going well between the two. Rashami Desai was one of those close friends who remained like rock-solid support for Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain during their stay in the home, often coming out to speak in their defense.

Ankita Lokhande posted photos of the two posing for some hilarious images on her Instagram account. Ankita and Rashami seem content and joyful as they take joyful self-portraits. Rashmi was wearing a casual clothing with an eye-catching neon cap on her head, while Ankita looked stunning in a beige ensemble. Ankita wrote, “RashuuuuuuuuuiHamari dosti forever,” in the caption.

The friendship of Rashami Desai and Ankita Lokhande

It is important to mention that the two actresses have been friends for a very long time and that they were both Bigg Boss competitors in the past. Their equation seems to be unaltered, even though the Uttaran actress was seen criticizing Vicky Jain’s mother for placing the blame on Ankita.

During that period, Ankita Lokhande gained notoriety after her mother and mother-in-law’s admission into the Bigg Boss house. Ankita’s mother-in-law was seen criticizing Ankita for taking care of Vicky Jain and accusing her of starting their arguments.

Rashami Desai was seen expressing her support for Vicky and the actress in response to this. Rashmi said on her Instagram account that Vicky and Ankita look out for one another. In addition, she posted several additional messages to express her support for the actress from Pavitra Rishta. And I really adore you so much. You never required this. However, you have accepted it with a great deal of affection, and you hope the family will realize that the show will end and that Ankita is not the focus of it. It concerns the two of them. They have the maturity to manage. Aunty Aap ko shayad bura lage, I know that. On her Instagram story, Rashami previously commented, “Par vo dono mere dost hai.”

Among the Bigg Boss 17 competitors that generated the most conversation were Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain. Their incessant altercations, disagreements, and confrontations alarmed supporters that their marriage might fail. Many others also thought that after their arguments and misunderstandings, the two may file for divorce. But now that the program is done, it seems that they are once again living happily together and that their relationship is back on track.

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