Threatened by an Intruder Interfering with Backstage Preparations, Kyuhyun

Recently, Kyuhyun of Super Junior encountered an unfavorable circumstance while getting ready for his musical performance of Ben Hur at Seoul’s LG Arts Center. A disturbing video that surfaced online shows the aftermath of a 30-year-old woman breaking and entering the musical theater’s dressing area in Magok-dong, Gangseo-gu.theindiaprint.com threatened by an intruder interfering with backstage preparations kyuhyun oip 17 1

Kyuhyun was in danger from the invader, who was armed, according to TV Chosun’s story. The singer was getting ready for his gig when the strange incident happened, and he was slightly hurt. Luckily, the event did no injury, since he got first assistance on the spot right away.

The lady was swiftly detained by the Seoul Gangseo Police Station in reaction to the violation, and she is now being charged with special intimidation. The circumstances surrounding the intruder’s first acquisition of the weapon are being intensively investigated by the authorities.

A video that shows Kyuhyun exiting the venue after the incident has gone viral, providing insight into what happened following the disturbing encounter. The video, which was taken after the regrettable incident, shows the singer with his damaged finger safely covered with a bandage. Even though he was clearly uncomfortable, Kyuhyun kept his cool and waved at the fans from the back of his vehicle, hiding his wound.

Kyuhyun, whose stage name is Cho Kyu-hyun, is a versatile South Korean performer best known for his work as a television presenter, singer, and actor in musical theater. He joined the popular boy group Super Junior in May 2006 and went on to engage in sub-groups including Super Junior-K.R.Y. and Super Junior-M. Kyuhyun also previously belonged to the SM Entertainment project group SM the Ballad.

In addition to his work with Super Junior, Kyuhyun has established himself as a credible musical actor. His participation in the original and Korean versions of theatrical works such as Moon Embracing the Sun, Catch Me If You Can, and The Three Musketeers are among his noteworthy roles.




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