Three months after the birth of their son, Al Pacino and Noor Alfallah divorced

Al Pacino and Noor Alfallah split after Noor gave birth to their now three-month-old son Roman Alfallah Pacino. The Blast said that after reviewing the court documents, Noor, 29, asked for exclusive physical custody of the kid in court documents submitted in Los Angeles. According to reports, she said she wished Al, 83, to have “reasonable visitation.”

Al would be able to have influence on the kid’s upbringing, religion, and medical treatment, among other things, if Noor agreed to grant him shared legal custody of their child, according to reports that Noor told the court. Al’s children with Beverly D’Angelo and Jan Tarrant are Olivia, Anton James, and Julie Pacino, all of whom are 22 years old, and Anton Pacino, who is 33.

Six days after their kid was born, Noor and Al each signed a form labeled “voluntary declaration of parentage,” which was added by Noor, according to the court complaint.

Noor requested that Al pay her legal bills as well as other costs associated with the lawsuit; however, she made no mention of a particular sum for child support. The legal papers state that “the court may issue an earnings assignment and make orders for the support of the children without further notice to either party.” Al’s denial of the requests is not supported by any evidence.

Since the Covid-19 epidemic in April 2022, Al and Noor have been connected. Noor was romantically involved with Rolling Stones singer Mick Jagger from 2017 until 2018. Page Six reports that there are rumors that the pair started dating when Mick’s ex-girlfriend at the time, Melanie Hamrick, was carrying their kid. Noor is also said to have dated tycoon Nicolas Berggruen, according to Daily Mail.

Al has been in many well-known relationships, although he has never been married. The actor, who has not wed, allegedly previously stated, “I hate to say this, but marriage is a state of mind, not a contract,” according to The Independent. I wonder, “When did the police get involved?” when I think of marriage and the law.


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