Top 5 News: Salman will change the name of his film, Improvement in Randhir Kapoor's health, Read - Big news of entertainment

Top 5 News: Salman will change the name of his film, Improvement in Randhir Kapoor's health, Read - Big news of entertainment

There was a lot of stir in the entertainment industry on Saturday. On one hand, to avoid controversies, Salman Khan prepares to change the name of his film, while at the same time, the condition of Randhir Kapoor is improving rapidly now. Apart from this, Punjabi superstar Gippy Grewal has been arrested. If you have also missed the big news of Saturday, then know in Entertainment Top 5.

Name Change: To avoid controversies, Salman Khan will change the title of his film, read the reason

There is an old relationship of disputes with Salman Khan. Each of his films becomes a part of someone's contravention. That's why Salman Khan is also thinking far away, he knows that a film made with crores of rupees has to suffer due to the contravention, so now he has also become adept at stepping up.

It is reported that Salman Khan is now preparing to change the title of his scheduled film. The title of this film so far was Kabhi Eid Kabi Diwali. According to the news of Bollywood Hungama, Salman Khan feels that this title may lead to controversy later.

Good News: Randhir Kapoor's condition is improving rapidly, fighting with Corona

Kareena Kapoor's father Randhir Kapoor's health is improving rapidly. He was admitted to Mumbai's Kokilaben Hospital after being coronated. Where there was some concern about his condition on the first two days, but now doctors have said that he is recovering fast.

74-year-old Randhir Kapoor is the younger brother of actor Rishi Kapoor. He is the father of Kareena and Karisma Kapoor. Let me tell you that Randhir Kapoor always talks to the media and he is now the only bourgeois spokesperson of the Kapoor family.

Arrested: Punjabi superstar Gippy Grewal arrested, Kovid was blown away by rules in shooting

Punjab Police has registered a case against Gippy Grewal, the superstar of Punjabi films today. This case has been done in the Karala village of Patiala. It is being told that his team violated the rules of weekend lockdown.

According to the Times of India report, the Patiala police said that Gippy Grewal and his team were shooting in the fields in Karala village of Rajpura division. Explain that the government in Punjab has put a total lockdown on the weekend

Good News: Rakesh Roshan to complete Rishi Kapoor's unfulfilled desire, will make a powerful film with Ranbir and Hrithik

In the past, the Bollywood industry together remembered Rishi Kapoor on his death anniversary. Where Rishi Kapoor's close friend Rakesh Roshan (Rakesh Roshan) was. Where both of these were amazing friends in their era. Where today, their two sons Hrithik Roshan and Ranbir Kapoor are big names in Bollywood. Where these two films of the audience look very good. But Ranbir Kapoor and Hrithik Roshan have never worked together. But now it seems that the preparations to bring this pair together have now started.

According to the news, Ranbir and Hrithik can be seen entertaining the audience with the same film very soon. Yes, Rakesh Roshan went to his house with wife Pinky Roshan on April 30 at Rishi Kapoor's Death Anniversary. Where Rakesh Roshan paid tribute to the late actor. Along with this, Rakesh Roshan told in an interview that he is planning to cast Hrithik and Ranbir together.

Ali Goni mocked Kangana Ranaut, edited the video of the actress of the share

Kangana Ranaut is very active on social media. She does not hold back from giving her opinion on every issue. Because of which she often becomes a part of controversies or comes under target of trolls. Kangana recently took an international video class by sharing a video. He said that those people are spoiling the image of India. Kangana was angry at the coverage of deaths in India due to the Corona epidemic. Now Ali Goni (Aly Goni) has made fun of Kangana by sharing the edited version of this video on social media.

While sharing the video of Kangana on her Instagram story, Ali wrote - This video has been edited and only the sensible part has been kept. Also, Ali has shared a high-five GFX. In the video that Ali has shared, she is seen not speaking anything but fumbling. Many people have shared this edited video. It has gone viral.

Kangana Ranaut again targeted Mamata Banerjee, saying- 'I will not be afraid of you, nor will I shut up!'

Kangana Ranaut again targeted Mamata Banerjee, saying- 'I will not be afraid of you, nor will I shut up!'

Trinamool Congress spokesperson Riju Dutta has lodged a complaint against Kangana against Kangana Ranaut for giving a hate speech against Kangana at the Ultadanga police station in Kolkata. He has accused Kangana of inciting communal violence in Bengal and also tarnishing Mamata Banerjee's image.

Kangana's reaction has come to light on the complaint of Riju Dutta. Kangana said that she is not afraid of these FIRs. Apart from this, Kangana has again said against Mamata Banerjee.

Kangana Ranaut said, 'The interesting thing is that Mamata Banerjee who is openly killing people who did not vote for her is accusing me of communal violence. Mamta Banerjee, this is the beginning of your end. The whole country is watching your hands are mixed with the blood of innocent people. You cannot scare me nor can you stop my voice by FIR.

What did Riju Dutta say in the complaint

Riju has also shared a copy of his FIR on Twitter. Along with sharing the copy, he wrote, "I have lodged an FIR against Kangana Ranaut because she is spreading hatred for inciting communal violence in Bengal and at the same time is spoiling the image of Mamata Banerjee."

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