Twist Wins Internet Election Memes With “The Family Man” Season 2

Social media is ablaze with poll-related ideas, memes, and videos as the Lok Sabha elections draw near. The online series The Family Man’s second season was included in a meme that was recently released by the Election Commission of India.

The figure played by Manoj Bajpayee appears in the meme turning down a lunch invitation and captioning it, saying, “#ElectionMeme: ठहरो जरा!! We’ll vote now and have refreshments tomorrow. #ChunavKaParv #DeshKaGarv #Elections2024 #Memes #IVote4Sure.” In essence, this means that individuals should prioritize voting now and have lunch tomorrow.

Using Bajpayee’s picture from The Family Man series, another meme caption makes fun of a scenario in which a girlfriend asks for a lunch date on election day.

Over 36.4k people have seen the post on X, indicating significant interest in it. One person responded to the meme with a hilarious comment, saying, “Everyone graduated from Meme university.”

Another person voiced displeasure, saying that it was difficult for them to vote since their college’s final year examinations fell on Election Day. They requested help by tagging the Madhya Pradesh Ministry of Higher Education and the Indian Election Commission.

Another commentator said that it seemed the Indian Election Commission was going easy on voters this election season.

Due to its usage of pop culture allusions, the meme has gained popularity on social media, drawing users’ attention and promoting conversations about the significance of voting in the face of daily obstacles and obligations.

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