Two gunmen who opened fire outside Salman Khan’s home were apprehended by Mumbai Police; they were from Gujarat

In relation to the gunfire incident outside Bollywood star Salman Khan’s home, Galaxy Apartments, in the Bandra neighborhood on Sunday, the Mumbai Police have detained two gunmen. The gunmen, Vicky Gupta (age 24) and Sagar Pal (age 21), who resided in West Champaran, Bihar, were taken into custody late on Monday night in Bhuj, Gujarat.

Arbaaz Khan, Salman Khan’s brother, expressed the family’s concerns in a statement on Monday, calling the fire event “disturbing and unnerving.” He stated, “This shocking incident has taken our family by surprise,” and added that they are assisting the authorities.

Fireworks outside Salman’s home
According to police, the two suspects, who were on motorbikes, had fired shots outside the actor’s home early on Sunday morning at approximately five in the morning before escaping. After the shooting, the actor’s home was under increased protection, and the police gathered CCTV video from nearby cameras to find the gunmen.

In accordance with the Arms Act and IPC section 307 (attempt to kill), a formal complaint has been filed. After Salman Khan was fired, Maharashtra Chief Minister Eknath Shinde talked with him and gave his support. Raj Thackeray, the head of MNS, met with the actor at his home on Monday.

How gunmen were apprehended
The Mumbai Crime Branch was continuously using CCTV video to track down the culprits. A Crime Branch officer said that particular information on the accused’s presence in Bhuj, Gujarat, was obtained. Following this, the Bhuj local crime branch was notified since there was a suspicion that there would be a shooting if the Mumbai police proceeded to arrest the suspects without first notifying the local police. Thus, with the assistance of a local police squad, a Mumbai police team under the command of a Crime Branch Inspector arrived in Bhuj and apprehended the two suspects from a temple complex. According to the police, both shooters would be transported from Bhuj to Mumbai by 10 am and questioned. The Mumbai police have not ruled out the possibility that the tragedy was caused by the notorious Lawrence Bishnoi gang.