“Vidyarthi Vidyathiniyare” reveals Side A in a shocking two-part trailer

An official announcement about Rap Rap singer and song composer Chandan Shetty’s upcoming acting debut in “Vidyarthi Vidyathiniyare” is shortly to be made. The trailer, which is set against the colorful background of a college campus, was just published by the film’s creators. The Arun Amukta-directed movie is anticipated to be a drama about adolescent students.


It’s interesting to note that there will be two trailers for the movie, Side A and B, with Side B being published closer to the movie’s premiere. The directors have kept Chandan Shetty’s part a secret, despite the fact that the teaser offers a fascinating glimpse into the life of the youngsters and a group of classmates. The filmmaker, who made a statement at the trailer’s premiere, claims that the singer-turned-actor would have a distinct appearance in the young performer.

Under the Variety Creations label, the film is produced by Subramanya Kudde and AC Shivalingegowda. Starring in key parts are veteran actors Raghu Ramanakoppa and Sudhi, with the majority of the cast being newcomers, including Amar, Bhavana, Manasi, Bhavya, and Vivaan. The film’s soundtrack was created by Vijeth Krishna, while Arun Suresh and Kumar Gowda handled the cinematography.

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