Watch 5 Tamil Horror Films On Streaming Platforms Before DD Returns’ OTT Release Date

The best-known aspect of Tamil cinema is its exploration of many subjects and genres, which has won accolades from spectators. The Tamil film industry has created several highly regarded horror films that the public adores, despite the fact that Indian cinema does not have many superb horror films. The most recent entry on the list of popular horror films produced by Tamil directors is “DD Returns.” The plot of the film centers on a group of friends who conceal a suitcase containing cash and jewelry in a haunted bungalow. However, things take a bad turn when the spirits force the guys to participate in a survival game.

see these five top Tamil horror movies while you wait to see “DD Returns” on streaming services.

1. Aval

The central characters of “Aval,” which has Siddharth and Andrea Jeremiah in the key roles, are Krishnakanth and Lakshmi, who happily reside in the highlands. When they welcome their new neighbors, the D’Costas, and their daughter Jenny lets undesirable guests into the home, their lives is turned upside down. The House Next Door, the Hindi title of the film, was also released, and it was a success. On Jio Cinema, it is streaming.

2. Airaa

In “Airaa,” Yamuna, a young journalist, visits her grandmother in a far-off hamlet and is accosted by a furious ghost. Amudhan begins to suffer similar hauntings as he grieves over his lover’s death. Nayanthara played two parts in the film, which also has Kalaiyarasan in the major role. Prime Video offers streaming of it.

3. Pisaasu

The protagonist of “Pisaasu” is a teenage girl named Bhavani who perishes in an accident. She haunts Siddharth, the person who attempted to save her life after she died, forcing him to identify the murderer. The film is now streaming on Disney+ Hotstar and stars Naga, Rajkumar Pitchumani, Ashvatt, Radharavi, Kalyani Natarajan, Prayaga Martin, and Harish Uthaman in the key parts.

4. Yavarum Nalam

Manohar, who relocates with his family to a new flat on the 13th floor, is the focus of “Yavarum Nalam.” When a ghost attempts to contact them via their television as a medium, their idyllic lives takes an unexpected turn. R Madhavan and Neetu Chandra play the key roles in the film. ’13B: Fear Has a New Address’ was the Hindi title under which it was published.

5. Maya

The plot of “Maya,” a film starring Nayanthara and Aari Arujunan, centers on Apsara, a single mother who struggles to support herself by working in commercials. When a ghost begins stalking her and kills acquaintances of hers, her life takes a terrible turn. Lakshmi Priya and Amzath Khan also appear in supporting roles in the Zee5 streaming movie.

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