When Aamir Khan tried out for Laapataa Ladies, Kiran Rao explains why she ended up casting Ravi Kishan instead | Exclusive

Aamir Khan made a lengthy appearance in the final movie that Kiran Rao directed, Dhobi Ghat (2010). Since then, the actor’s fame has only increased. Additionally, Aamir is co-producing Kiran Rao’s next big-screen feature Laapataa Ladies, which she is returning to. He isn’t on screen this time, but it’s not for want of trying. The actor was eager to play a significant part in the movie, Kiran Rao tells DNA, and he even tried out for it.

In Laapataa Ladies, Ravi Kishan plays a police inspector while newcomers Sparsh Srivastava, Pratibha Ranta, and Nitanshi Goel play the key parts. According to Kiran, Aamir was eager to perform this part. “Aamir was eager to portray this role as soon as it was created since it would be a dream role for any actor. To be honest, if he had been playing a very substantial, lead part from start to finish, the dynamics of the movie’s box office would have been altered. If he had been in the movie, it would have been completely different. Aamir wanted to examine. I insisted that it may not work since the rest of the ensemble is really sincere and credible. “I will look different,” Aamir would remark, says Kiran.

Even so, Aamir consented to conduct a screen test for the movie, and according to Kiran, he performed so well that the crew was considering casting him—if only temporarily. “He performed a test that was outstanding. I kept thinking that we need to release it to the public to demonstrate what he has accomplished. He performed a commendable exam. On some level, it truly enticed us all to go along. Nonetheless, you are acutely aware that you are seeing a celebrity in this kind of setting. The film director remembers that at that moment, “it goes from being a really believable story you are immersed in to something else.”

However, Kiran and Aamir ultimately came to the conclusion that Ravi Kishan would be a superior Inspector Manohar in Laapataa Ladies. “Ravi ji brings an incredible earthy ras (flavour) to the character that is instinctive and authentic, something that nobody else can bring,” Kiran says in explaining her thinking.

Laapataa Ladies, which won awards at the Toronto International Film Festival last year, will open in theaters in India on March 1.

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