When Janhvi Kapoor grins excessively, she claims that others remark, "Kitni eager, kitni desperate hai"

When Janhvi Kapoor grins excessively, she claims that others remark, "Kitni eager, kitni desperate hai"

Janhvi Kapoor has remarked that there is a ‘extra feeling of pressure’ since no matter what she accomplishes, people would cast fingers at her. The star was talking about the attention she receives for her gym appearances and getting criticized for smiling or not smiling for the cameras. The actress is presently working on her forthcoming film, Mr and Mrs Mahi, and is occasionally sighted during her gym visits or at film events and parties.

Janhvi is the child of late star Sridevi and director Boney Kapoor. In a recent interview she noted that she is conscious of garnering attention owing to her family, but ultimately it's the work she wants to be recognized for.

"I am aware that people are ready to criticize me. They would tell me, "Dekho kitni eager, kitni desperate hain" (See, how eager she is and how desperate she is) if I am grinning too much in front of my gym one day. If I am having a horrible day, have got a large pimple on my face and want to look down and just walk, start my shoot or get it over with, then it’s like 'Kitni ghamandi hain (how proud she is),'" she remarked at the India Today Colloquium on Saturday.

Janhvi said, "Opinions are short-lived; your work and how you see yourself are what endure. They are all intangible things. It’s nice that I am gaining attention. Everyone likes it. You can't let it go to your head however. Relevance is a transient state. Whatever attention I am receiving now from the start, it was due of my parents. Even now, a big portion of it is attributable to the family I was born into. And maybe a little bit now, I’d like to believe is due of the job I am doing. In the end, it all boils down to effort. That doesn’t come down to the shorts that I wore to the gym. They aren’t the things I want to be renowned for."

With Varun Dhawan, Janhvi has already finished filming Nitesh Tiwari's Bawaal. She will also be featured in Mr and Mrs Mahi in which she portrays a cricketer. It stars her Roohi co-star Rajkummar Rao.