When Sharmila Tagore accepted Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi’s proposal of marriage, she had one requirement

One of Bollywood’s most well-liked aging actresses is Sharmila Tagore. The actress had a sizable fan base among the public while she was at the height of her career in the 1960s. She has received several honors during her career and has been recognized with two national awards. In 1968, the actress married Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi, the former Indian cricket team captain. Before they were married, their love was the talk of the town for a very long time. In an interview, Sharmila Tagore said that before marrying Tiger Pataudi, she had placed a condition before him.

According to sources, the pair dated for a considerable amount of time before deciding to be married. The pair allegedly got together via mutual connections. Sharmila had gone to the match in Delhi, and it was an after-match party. At the time, she acknowledged, her understanding of cricket was poor. Mansoor Ali Khan, in a similar vein, had not watched many of her movies. “Tiger” Pataudi chose to pop the question to her after they started dating. However, she then made it clear to him that she would only tie the knot with him if he scored three straight sixes in the next game. He shrugged it off when he heard the diagnosis and went on to hit three straight sixes in the next game. After that, the pair wed in an opulent ceremony.

In addition, Sharmila Tagore discussed the difficulties she had before getting married to Mansoor Ali Khan. She went on to say that many people were surprised by her interfaith marriage. “Everyone in my family, including my uncle and cousins, got married to Bengalis, and everyone in Tiger’s family got married to people from their own community,” the woman said. Since Tiger and I were the only ones involved and had just recently told our families that we were getting married, we were unaware of any underlying issues. At the time, I was working and he was playing cricket.

Three stunning children, Saif Ali Khan, Saba Ali Khan, and Soha Ali Khan, were eventually born to the marriage.

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