When she is photographed by photographers, Saif Ali Khan reportedly asks her, "Why are you posing?" according to Kareena Kapoor

When she is photographed by photographers, Saif Ali Khan reportedly asks her, "Why are you posing?" according to Kareena Kapoor

Kareena Kapoor recently discussed her and Saif Ali Khan's interactions with paparazzi in an interview. While Kareena claimed to be OK with the paparazzi culture of today, she did admit to have asked them not to take pictures of their children Taimur Ali Khan and Jehangir Ali Khan "when they are out for extracurricular activities".

Kareena also discussed Saif Ali Khan's response to her habit of entertaining the press while he chooses to ignore them. When photographers recently followed Saif and Kareena all the way to their building, he reacted aggressively.

During a Zoom interview, Kareena was questioned about Saif and her intentions for their interaction with the media. I am not drawing any boundaries, she said. Well, I've been thinking, whatever, Let them to continue clicking if they are. I too am wondering, "What should I do?" The more I work at it, I guess  Saif and I have both been really sincere. The only thing we've asked them not to do is enter the building, but of course there are instances when one does feel like doing such things or clicking the kids when they're participating in extracurricular activities, as Saif said.

Saif is taken aback by how ready she is to appear for the cameras, Kareena said. Saif says, "You're constantly posing," she said. And I say, "Yeah!" I am, Saif, follow the strategy. Why are you posturing as Saif walks and tries to remain composed? And I think, "That's me," to myself.

Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor were being followed home from a party early this month when they saw the cameras. As they followed Saif and Kareena and asked for pictures, he playfully said, "humare bedroom mein aajaiye (come inside our bedroom alone)". The actor then emphasized in a statement that he was not pursuing legal action against anybody.

The building security officer is not being fired since it is not his responsibility, and no one is suing the paparazzi because that is not how we want to handle things, according to Saif. They did, however, enter the private property via the gate, get past the security guard, fully violate our area, and set up 20 cameras and lights on us, acting as if they had the right to do so. This is inappropriate conduct, and everyone has to be restrained. We often work with the media and are understanding of their needs, but where does one draw the line if not outside the home or at the gate?