Why is this, Bhaiyya Ji?

Bollywood is unwilling to give up its “animal” nature. If anything, the 2023 Ranbir Kapoor film served as a precedent for it. With Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s offering, we believed we had seen the “wildest” side of the business, but filmmaker Apoorv Singh Karki shows us incorrectly. Thus, what we see in a crow created by a computer refusing to eat food that has been placed outside for a deceased soul to eventually devour is violence, violence, and violence.

The plot of the tale is straightforward. Abhimanyu (Jatin Goswami), the son of Chandra Bhan Singh (Suvinder Vicky) and his companions, kills Ram Charan, also known as Bhaiyya Ji (Manoj Bajpayee), outside the New Delhi train station after a fight over paranthas. Bhaiyya Ji is forced to come out of his retired Robinhood mindset by the murder. With Bhaiyya Ji’s voice over, the filmmaker is kind enough to tell us about his origins.

Mitali (Zoya Hussain), the middle-aged “Family Man’s” fiancĂ©e, also changes from a timid would-be groom to a monster on the loose. She follows him into the battlefield and opens fire on everyone who catches her eye in an attempt to rescue her partner. She has been a national-level shooter, a voice tells us. Lack faith? Scenes when she fires at the enemy are intercut with footage from her target practice.

Everything is left to the expert hands of Karki. To express what he wants, he mostly relies on Sandeep Chowta’s loud background soundtrack, outrageous speech, and seductive melodies. Additionally, Karki, who co-wrote the narrative with Deepak Kingrani, takes the easy route when the violence and storyline became too much to bear. He just creates coincidences so that everything falls into place.

After learning of his brother’s accident, Bhaiyya Ji investigates and determines the “true” cause of death. He does this by tracking down the appropriate police officer, Vipin Sharma, who has no problem disclosing sensitive information. Meanwhile, a priest in the opposing camp recognizes Bhaiyya Ji by simply listening to a voice on the speaker phone, despite the fact that Bhaiyya Ji operates in Bihar and the villain, along with his spoiled son, are native Delhiites. In order to force Bhaiyya Ji to extract his pound of flesh, everything flows in one way.

However, even if everything is in place to help our hero, it takes him a torturous 135 minutes to declare, “mission accomplished.” They slice our throats, shoot, crawl, and leap while we flinch till numbness sets in.

There are also some humorous moments. Similar to the priest bragging about how Bhaiyya Ji once chased an opponent who, regrettably, was shot and fell into a coma. When the guy eventually recovered after ten arduous years of treatment at the hospital, Bhaiyya Ji shot him to death. Such commitment! If only the screenplay shown the same level of commitment! What’s to be said about a whole hamlet with machetes and sticks as it marches into the enemy lair in the nation’s capital? They really move themselves as if it were a short stroll from Bihar to Delhi and back. Amid the chaos, police officers are nowhere to be seen. Even the politicians choose to let them get away with it.

Additionally, the cinematography seems to have been completed by an intern. They seem to be straight out of a video game, whether it’s the action sequences, the gory scenes, or the explosions. In one shot, Bhaiyya Ji may be seen in slow motion plunging into a river. We feel depressed about it, but not for the obvious reason.

Bajpayee’s 100th film, “Bhaiyya Ji,” is a very skilled actor whose achievement is overshadowed by Bollywood’s tried-and-failed approach. Sadness!

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