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Nobody has never heard of Jennifer Lopez before. Thanks to her amazing sense of style, music, and films, the actress, singer, and dancer is one of the most popular and influential celebrities in the world. Often called the “Queen of Dancing,” JLo’s next film is Brad Peyton’s Atlas. She will be seen as data analyst Atlas Shepherd, the main character. As excited as Indian fans are to see her on film, they also want to know whether she will ever perform there.

In an exclusive interview with News18 Showsha, Lopez expressed her support for the notion of entertaining Indian audiences. Although she has given private concerts all throughout the world, including in India, her appearances have always been. “I would adore doing a show in India. Although they were private presentations, I have had them before. I don’t know what’s in store for me after this summer; I’m going on a little tour,” she informed us.

While everyone waits to learn more about JLo’s India vacation, Jennifer also developed major fandom for Dev Patel. When we inquired about Lopez’s favorite Indian actor,. She was prepared to co-star in a movie with the actor playing Monkey Man, in addition to having named Dev Patel. “Dev Patel is my favorite. I adore his art simply. I always find myself in complete awe when I see his art. He simply seems to be so genuine, honest, and emotionally accessible. His captivating gaze just draws you in.

The 54-year-old artist, meanwhile, gained attention for her heartwarming Mother’s Day social media tweets. Her first post honored her mother, and her second post discussed her feelings as a new mother.

“Happy Mother’s Day to my Mommy,” Lopez wrote as an homage to her mother. With time, I’ve come to understand more and more how much you gave up of yourself and your goals to enable us to have the chance and fortitude to live our own lives. I adore you and respect you just as you are. I’m grateful for all the songs you sang, the dancing in the living room, and the tales you told me—all of which made me laugh so hard I would weep at the end. I’m grateful for the happiness you gave me. Your bravery and tenacity are ingrained in my bones, and I will always be appreciative of the good moments as well as the unavoidably challenging ones. I wouldn’t have it any other way; they are the foundation of our relationship and our lives. I adore you just as you are. Jennifer, forever.

She also posted a video of herself and her children on Instagram. Lopez wrote, “Thank you for giving me the privilege and gift to be your mother,” in response to the children’s giving her the opportunity to be their mother. the most exquisite gift I have ever received. Upon waking up each day, my thoughts turn to how I may best serve as your mother. I pray to God to give me the innate ability to sense your needs at all times so that I may support and love you in every manner possible and provide an example for you of what it is to be a kind, considerate, loving, and moral person to both yourself and other people. I will always be here for you, Lulu and Max, to help and inspire you and to remind you of your kindness, grandeur, and boundless potential. You are capable of anything. You deserve love and all the good things in life since you are bright and lovely. I want it to be the one thing you take away from me. My love for you is unending. And always… And forever more.

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