Will Salman Khan Work With Aamir Khan On His Upcoming Film? What We Know Is This

Will Salman Khan Work With Aamir Khan On His Upcoming Film? What We Know Is This

For the last three decades, Salman Khan and Aamir Khan have been close friends and have provided comfort and support to one another when things became tough. They both featured together in the cult comedy Andaz Apna Apna. The two have seen tremendous success in the Indian cinema business (1994).

Salman was recently seen visiting Aamir, sparking rumours that the two are preparing to collaborate. Pinkvilla, however, acknowledged that, according to people familiar with the two Bollywood legends, they have been meeting often over the last month. It seems that these encounters include more than just personal problems; they also appear to involve business considerations.

According to sources, Aamir Khan has pitched Salman Khan a movie idea that Aamir Khan Productions would make.

"With his director, RS Prassana, Aamir Khan has spent the previous six months working diligently on the screenplay. Salman Khan has been offered the role in the film, according to Aamir, who believes that Salman Khan is the finest choice for the larger-than-life drama after receiving the final script.

If all goes according to plan, it will be the first film in a long time to have the collaboration of two of Indian cinema's most important people, one of whom will star and the other will produce.

"Aamir will produce the movie and take on a variety of creative roles, while RS Prasanna will be in charge as director. This is the first time Aamir has offered Salman a movie, and he's doing it for a reason—he believes Salman would promote the movie better than anybody else in the business.

Salman's aura is justified by the storyline and the character, which also has powerful substance and an emotional flow. Aamir is eager to start a new adventure with Salman since the topic is so important to him, the source said, adding that Salman will decide whether to do the movie in a month.

Salman discussed Aamir's comeback to the movies with him at the same time and assured him of his entire support. Aamir has been urged to return to acting as soon as possible by Salman, being Salman. He has given Aamir his full backing and even inspired the Perfectionist to start things off, the informant said.

Both Salman and Aamir are renowned for their high-profile movies, so a collaboration between the two would be exciting. Salman is also in negotiations with a few producers and directors for his next projects, including two from the Hindi film business and two from the South.