Will SJ Suryah Be a Major Character in Viduthalai 2, Directed by Vetrimaaran? What We Know Is As follows

Vetrimaaran, a writer and director, is now working on a follow-up to his popular movie Viduthalai. Actors Prakash Raj, Manju Warrier, and Vijay Sethupathi are among the ensemble cast members in the sequel. Actor SJ Suryah is the most recent addition to the ensemble of Viduthalai Part 2, according to sources. According to rumors, Suryah was invited to participate in a lengthy cameo during the final production schedule for the movie. According to some rumors, he will be a major character in Vetrimaaran’s film. However, an official confirmation of these claims is still pending. Critics and viewers praised Viduthalai for raising issues about instances of police abuse.

Reports state that Viduthalai Part 2’s development is taking longer than anticipated. At first, Vetrimaaran had this movie planned as a standalone, with Soori in the lead role. Although it had a short duration, Vijay Sethupathi was scheduled to have a significant part in the film. When Vetrimaaran began filming, the story took a significant turn. Perumal Vaathiyaar, played by Sethupathi, emerged as the story’s primary character. The director then made the decision to divide the picture into two halves and have it released on wide screens in 2023.

In addition to acting, Suryah has excelled in a variety of capacities, including producer, director of music, playback vocalist, and director of film. He has a flawless resume as a director, but his true passion has always been performing. In an interview with the Film Companion website, he discussed it. “I’ve always wanted to be an actor,” he said. I always had it as my goal. A producer and director are necessary to create a star. I didn’t have their faith, and they didn’t have mine. So I made the decision to train as a director, get some money, and then produce and direct myself. The 55-year-old actor claims that he meticulously prepared his trip in 1994 and that he released the movie New in 2004. He rose to fame as a director, producer, and hero with this movie.

The 55-year-old actor’s most recent role was in the movie Jigarthanda Double X.

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