Yashica Dutt, who accused the creators of “Made in Heaven 2” of plagiarism, is now charged with the same crime

After its publication, “Made in Heaven 2” became the subject of controversy. ‘Coming Out As Dalit’ author Yashica Dutt also criticized the producers for allegedly utilizing her work from her book in one of the episodes of the program without her permission. This comes after fashion designer Tarun Tahiliani criticized the producers for using his creations without giving them credit. Yashica detailed her disappointment in a lengthy piece. In a recent turn of events, Dutt has been charged with plagiarism by legal expert Sumit Baudh. What irony, don’t you think?

The legal expert denounced Yashica Dutt on the X platform (formerly known as Twitter) for plagiarizing his work without his consent. In his comment on Dutt’s news story, he said, “Proprietary claims to ideas and stories are also characteristic of a system that rewards seemingly individual effort over interdependent ways in which ideas are conceived, shaped, formed, advanced, received, amplified, and encashed.”

”Amusing to see the apparent contradiction hereā€”of @YashicaDutt’s omission to recognize my piece (of 2007) in her book (of 2019),” he said in another tweet.

For the uninitiated, Yashica had previously claimed in an Instagram post that the fifth episode of “Made in Heaven 2,” “The Heart Skipped a Beat,” starring Radhika Apte, is eerily similar to her life. In her role as Dalit novelist Pallavi Menke, Radhka. The episode centers on a Buddhist Dalit wedding that has received widespread acclaim throughout the country.

It’s been an overwhelming few days, Dutt said, claiming that the episode was influenced by her life. It was an emotional roller coaster to see my image on TV without my knowledge or consent, going from joy and exhilaration to grief and loss. I’ll keep supporting @neeraj.ghaywan’s outstanding work, whether it’s with Made in Heaven right now or Geeli Pucchi in the past. However, this has to be resolved.

Producers Zoya Akhtar, Reema Kagti, and director Neeraj Ghaywan have all issued statements denying Yashica’s accusation.

Yashica has not yet responded to the most recent plagiarism allegation.

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