Blurred vision and lumps on the eyelids, somewhere indicate cancer

Blurred vision and lumps on the eyelids, somewhere indicate cancer

Although every disease is dangerous, whenever it comes to cancer, the mind gets scared. The reason is that its treatment is more expensive than it is difficult. Therefore, it is better that you take full care of yourself in every way and take every precaution from small to big. Well, today our article is also based on cancer. Today we are going to tell about the symptoms, causes, and treatment of eye cancer in our article. In fact, after reading about this cancer, we came to know that the periods we ignore like blurred vision and lumps on the eyelids can actually be a sign of eye cancer. That is why we thought that it is important to inform you too so that by recognizing its signs in time, you can save yourself from this dangerous disease.

1. Eye cancer The sudden growth of eye cells are called eye cancer. Due to the sudden increase in the cells of the eyes, the cells start spreading all around. The outer part of the eye is more affected due to eye cancer. This type of cancer is melanoma cancer which is a common type of eye cancer. But cancer that occurs inside the eyeball is called intraocular cancer. Apart from this, many other types of cancer are also found in the eyes, which influence the cells of the eyes in different ways. Even in children, symptoms of eye cancer are seen. Retinoblastoma is a common eye cancer in children, which infects the retinal cells of the eye. Although cases of eye cancer are rarely seen, people exposed to pollution and chemicals are more likely to do so.

2. Symptoms of eye cancer - Difficulty in seeing without any pain in the eyes - Flashing of light in the eyes - Unexplained shadowing - The inner part of the eyes raised upwards - Lumps on the eyelids - Blurred vision or blurred vision with spotting

3. Cause of Eye Cancer No concrete reason for having eye cancer has not been revealed yet. But many doctors believe that DNA deficiency and influenced healthy cells may be the cause of eye cancer.

4. Diagnose eye cancer in this way - If there is any problem of any kind in the eyes, contact the doctor immediately. - Get an ultrasound done on the advice of the doctor. This is used to test for eye melanoma. With the help of ultrasound, the thickness of the tumor present in the eye can be detected, after which the doctors start treatment on the basis of this. In addition to ultrasound, doctors use a yellow dye. First of all this dye is inserted into the veins. The picture of the eyes is taken through the machine. Through these images, the flow of dye in the eye is seen and on the basis of this also the doctor can diagnose eye cancer.

5. These people are at risk of eye cancer - Eye cancer can happen to people 50 to 60 years of age. Having eye cancer after 70 is considered very rare. People of white breed ie Caucasians have a higher risk of developing melanoma cancer than others. People who have problems like pigmentation, mole, or wart on the skin, can also get eye cancer. People who are constantly exposed to sunlight for a long time are also at risk of eye cancer.

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Eating Gulkand in summer is very beneficial, from increasing the glow of the face to getting relief from mouth ulcers

Eating Gulkand in summer is very beneficial, from increasing the glow of the face to getting relief from mouth ulcers

Many elements like potassium, magnesium, and phosphorous are present in the rose flowers. So when Gulkand is prepared from it, all these nutritious elements get absorbed in it. Many serious diseases can be kept away from its consumption. The taste of Gulkand is liked by almost everyone and its consumption is very beneficial in summer. Let us know its unique benefits.

Benefits of Gulkand

1. Sweating Relief

Weakness and tiredness are felt due to excessive sweating in summer. So by consuming Gulkand, there is no problem of excessive sweating and there is no fatigue.

2. Relief from mouth ulcers

The biggest cause of mouth ulcers is stomach upset. So the consumption of Gulkand will be beneficial to remove stomach problems. The fennel and cardamom present in Gulkand further enhance its nutrition. Not only for adults but also the consumption of Gulkand is beneficial for children.

3. For Glowing Skin

Rose is also a very good blood purifier. Its consumption purifies the blood. Because of this, Gulkand must be consumed. It enhances the glow of the face and removes the problem of acne and pimples.

4. Relief from Stomach Problems

If your stomach is often upset or upset in summer, then by eating Gulkand, these problems can be overcome to a great extent. The digestive system also remains correct by eating it.

How to make Gulkand at home

Ingredients - 5-6 roses, 3 tbsp sugar or sugar candy, 1 tbsp fennel, 1/2 tsp cardamom powder, and 2 tbsp honey.

Method- First of all, take out all the petals of fresh desi rose or any rose and spread them on the cloth.

Mix rose petals and sugar in a vessel and put it on the flame. Stir it for two minutes and when the sugar melts, take it off the flame.

Mix cardamom powder and fennel. After two minutes add honey to it.

After it cools down completely, keep it in a glass jar.

It doesn't go bad for a year. Mix all the ingredients without cooking Gulkand and keep it in a glass jar and keep it in strong sunlight for 15-20 days. When made through this process, its nutritional elements remain safe.

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