Causes of nose bleeding and its home remedies

Causes of nose bleeding and its home remedies

Epistaxis that come hemorrhage is also called as it is very common problem that does not need to panic, but at times it can be a sign of serious illness. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to it in time.

reasons for nose bleeding

According to health experts, the nose filters the air going inside the body and also has more blood flow. In such a situation, due to dry air in the summer season, the blood vessel inside the nose bursts and blood starts coming from the nose. You must have noticed that children often have this problem in summer. Apart from this, the following reasons of bleeding from the nose can be-

Due to sinus infection and cold medicines, the skin inside the nose becomes dry and starts bleeding.

- Due to severe injury to the head, blood can also come from the nose.

- Bleeding can also occur due to blood cancer and nasal tumors.

What to do if the nose bleeds?

According to health experts, when blood comes from the nose, raise your head slightly so that the blood goes back into the nose. After this, keep the nostrils pressed with both hands. You can also use handkerchiefs or tissue paper if you want. Rub ice on nose, cheeks and forehead. Along with this, some home remedies can also be done.

- Dip the cotton wool in a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar or white vinegar and place it on the nose of the nose from which blood is coming for 10 minutes.

- Experts consider the onion to be effective in stopping nose bleeding. Dip cotton wool in onion juice and keep it on the nostrils for 3 to 4 minutes.

- It is also beneficial to compress with ice. Take a few pieces of ice and wrap it in a soft cloth and foment the nose for 5 minutes. This will stop bleeding. Fry two or three times.

According to health experts, vitamin E capsule can also be effective in the treatment of hemorrhage. Remove the oil of vitamin E capsule and apply it on the nostrils and leave it overnight. Vitamin E oil will moisturize the skin inside the nose and removes stagnation.

Saline water can also be an effective remedy. To make it, mix half a teaspoon of salt, half a teaspoon of baking soda and one and a half cups of water. Pour this mixture into the nostril with the help of a syringe. Keep in mind that when you are putting it in one nose, the other is closed. After this, tilt the head down and let the water come out. Do this several times, it will eliminate the infection inside the nose.

- According to physicians, steam can also be beneficial. On taking steam, there is moisture in the nasal tube and stagnation is away which will stop the bleeding.

careful ! Basil is harmful to health, know these things before consuming

careful ! Basil is harmful to health, know these things before consuming

Tulsi leaves have special significance in Ayurveda. Especially in the winter season, most people drink tea and decoction by adding basil leaves. It is very beneficial for our health. By consuming basil daily, you are protected from seasonal infections and other diseases.

Excessive consumption of basil, which is called a boon for health, is very harmful for your health. So, without delay, give information about the harm caused by eating basil leaves.

Harmful for diabetic patients

Works to reduce hypoglycemic levels in basil leaves. Taking basil daily reduces the blood sugar level. If one chews more basil leaves than necessary, the blood sugar level in the body decreases. Low blood sugar level in the body can prove to be dangerous for health.

Blood thinners

Many people use Tulsi leaves to avoid diseases. But such elements are found in basil leaves, which causes blood thinning.

Pregnant women

Tulsi contains eugenol due to which period can be started. Excessive basil consumption can cause diarrhea in pregnant women. Apart from this, Tulsi has Taseer which gives warmth to the body. Because of this, there may be irritation in the stomach and constipation problem. In this, due to eugenol, there is blisters and dizziness in the mouth.

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