Child Care: Know why it is important to force your baby to burp, what is the right way to do this!

Child Care: Know why it is important to force your baby to burp, what is the right way to do this!

The process of expelling the air stored in the stomach is called Dakar. This is a normal process. Belching usually occurs in adult people. But it is very difficult to belch a newborn. Believing the baby is a satisfaction for a mother that the baby is feeding properly. Let us tell you why it is important to get children to belch and what is the right way to make them belch.

Actually, when the infant breastfeeds or drinks milk from a bottle, small air bubbles can get trapped in her stomach. In such a situation, the situation may be uncomfortable for the baby. The child may spill milk, may have stomach ache, may have loss of appetite due to wind-up, as well as irritability. Therefore, after feeding, the baby should get burnt.

Believe like this

Supporting the head with one hand, place the baby on your lap with your shoulders and pat him lightly on his back. This will make him belch. Apart from this, you can also help the baby in other ways. For this, support the head with one hand and place the baby upright in the lap. This will help the gas trapped in the baby to reach the upper abdomen and the child will be able to burp easily. During this time, you can also rub the child's back.

Apart from this, another way is to lie down the child by turning from the waist such that the part of the child's stomach is on your thighs. At the same time, part of the feet remained hanging on the ground. In this situation, due to bending forward of the child, the air trapped in his stomach will come in the upper part of the stomach. Also, due to the pressure on the stomach, it will be easier for the air to come out of the mouth.

How many times to belch

Baby should be burnt immediately after feeding every time. So that after drinking milk, the baby does not have to suffer due to air getting trapped in his stomach.

'Ban on e-cigarette will force millions to smoke again'

'Ban on e-cigarette will force millions to smoke again'

Millions of people across Asia may be forced to smoke if the World Health Organization (WHO) passes a resolution on MPs on e-cigarettes and other smokeless products. The Coalition of Asia Pacific Tobacco Harm Reduction Advocates (CAPHRA) said this on Friday. A new report published on behalf of the WHO's Tobacco Regulatory Committee recommends a ban on almost all vapor or smokeless smokeless cigarettes, especially the so-called open system. is.

Open system (open system) is the preferred method of vaping for many people across Asia and the consumer manually refills the liquid to evaporate. According to the WHO, this system allows the addition of substances that can make the product more harmful. CAPHRA executive coordinator Nancy Lucas said in a statement that the WHO's latest recommendation defies all logic. He said that if different countries adopt the recommendation to ban open-system vaping, then years of hard work of good public policy along with ex-smokers will be wasted.

Nancy said that there is no doubt that Wappers will start cigarettes again, which may have the worst consequences. He said that banning any product or applying cigarette rules on all emerging products is not the answer. Sanctions encourage black marketing. Bain does not allow proper consumer protection.

CAPHRA is calling on governments to adopt evidence-based, common sense regulations for all volatile products. Nancy said last week that Britain's leading health agency Public Health England (PHE) concluded that nicotine vaping products were the most popular means used by smokers.

He said that on the one hand you have a local public health agency, which is looking into evidence and ways in which smokers can be encouraged to quit smoking and WAP, on the other hand you have a global agency , Who is believing in his old ways of prohibition for the answer to everything. Nancy described WHO's attitude towards e-cigarettes as disastrous for millions of cigarette smokers worldwide.

CAPHRA also stated that only through regulating products can things be cured and people can also be encouraged to stop smoking and consequently achieve good public health results.

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