Corona: Gym is going from August 5, so keep these 7 things in mind

Corona: Gym is going from August 5, so keep these 7 things in mind

All gyms have been closed since March due to Corona virus and the biggest problem came from those who do not live without gyms, but now the government is slowly relaxing in this corona period. In Unlock-3 in India, the government has given a gift to Gym Freakus and it is a gift that the gyms are going to open from 5th August. After this news, people are very excited that he will be able to go back to his daily routine and can also control the weight gained during this lockdown. Now if you are thinking of going to the gym from August 5, then take care of these things because still the outbreak of this virus is not completely finished, so let us now tell you what things you should take care of during this time should keep. 

1. Do not wear market masks 
While exercising, keep in mind that do not wear a mask. If you exercise by wearing a mask, it can make you difficult to breathe and it can also increase your heart rate, so do not use the mask during the workout. But you can wear homemade clothes masks. 

2. Cover hands 

At this time, like you, many other people will come to the gym and many people will also get their hands on the machines lying in the gym, so try to wear gloves in your hands so that if there is any germ on the machine, then it does not hit you. And do not enter the mouth through hands. 

3. Keep social distancing
Even though the government has relaxed a lot of things, but the government is repeatedly asking people to take precautions, in such a situation, go to the gym and do social distancing and try not to let too many people stand up. 

4. Do not share your things 
We carry many things like going to the gym, such as water bottle, mobile, towels, earphones, but in this corona era, you should not share these things with anyone and use your things yourself, this will reduce the risk of corona infection. . 

5. Wash Gym Costumes
On returning from the gym, you should wash your costumes to reduce the risk of germs. Also, come and take a bath. 

6. Keep in mind while coughing and coughing

Many times during the monsoon season, you cough or sneeze, but keep in mind that if you cough or sneeze, then keep a handkerchief on the nose so that it does not pose a risk of infection to others. 

7. Choose the right time to go to the gym 
Choose a time to go to the gym and choose the same time in which less people come at that time, in this way you will come less in contact with people and you will be able to set up the gym well. 

So if you too are going to the gym from August 5, then take care of these 7 things.