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Fitness patterns changed noticeably when the lockdown was released, particularly for women. Tired of spending their downtime at home during the downturn, people went to the gyms.

No, it wasn’t a passing trend. Trainers claim that gym memberships are still rising.

With their boundless zeal, homemakers stand out among this varied group. They are defying preconceptions by attempting everything, including yoga, boxing, and Kalari. By doing all of this, they make a statement, finding pleasure and finding time for their own well-being.

According to Joseph Lawrence, CEO of Zero Fitness Performance Studio, “fitness is not just about building muscles; it is about increasing flexibility, stamina, balance, and mental well-being.” Our curriculum takes a holistic approach, including martial arts, animal flow, weightlifting, yoga, Kalari, outdoor exercises, and meditation. People will feel completely fit after they’ve finished our program. The mind transforms in tandem with the body; there will be a sensation of calm and confidence, muscles will loosen up, and joints will become stronger.

He continues, “Women are now realizing the benefits of working out at the gym that go beyond just losing weight.” They are building a network of support and taking pleasure in the process. People ask how someone is doing if they miss a day of work, according to Joseph.

54-year-old Joyce Varghese agrees. “Even though I have two small grandchildren, I make it a point to visit the gym every day because I find unfathomable joy there,” the woman adds.

“Many ladies are going to fitness these days. I think more people are making health a priority. Women my age are aware of the value of maintaining an active lifestyle. Women using gyms was formerly frowned upon, but things have changed and people have matured.

Similar opinions are expressed by Maryam John, 60, a former irrigation department engineer. “I have always been aware of my fitness, even though I have never had any relationship to the gym. I’ve always maintained a healthy weight and gone for walks,” she adds.

“My kid enlightened me on the advantages of exercising. I’ve become a much different person since. I visit the gym for overall wellbeing rather than to lose weight. My buddies now ask me questions about my increased activity after seeing it. I believe some of them have started exercising as a result of my trip.

The 25-year-old Rebecca Fenn claims that at the Zero Fitness Studio, where she exercises, there are more women than males. She goes on, “It is empowering to train to feel strong, independent, and capable.” “It’s wonderful to see more females visiting the gym to feel this much energy and strength.”

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