Food combinations that are dangerous not only for health but also for skin, do not try them

Food combinations that are dangerous not only for health but also for skin, do not try them

By watching videos or reading information on social media, nowadays people have started trying many such things, which can cause harm instead of benefit. In the pursuit of following the trend, it can prove to be dangerous to follow strange methods. Nowadays people have started trying such food combinations, which may be strange, but people try them with great passion. Food may be necessary for us, but if it is eaten in the wrong way, then it can also play the role of poison in the body. These food combinations cause great harm not only to health but also to the skin.

Experts say that such things can bring dryness, itching, or redness in addition to pimples on the skin. Here we are going to tell you about some such food combinations. Learn about them…

Do not try these food combinations even by mistake
Milk and fruits: If you like to eat fruits by adding curd, then change this habit from today itself. Fruits get digested quickly, whereas curd or milk takes time to digest. The time gap in the digestion of both foods proves to be harmful to the body. This can lead to the gas formation or acidity in the body. Due to the reaction in the body, a rash can also come out on the face.

Cold drinks after meals: It is common to drink cold drinks while eating things or after, but there are some food and drink items after which cold drinks should not be drunk. If you have moved away after consuming something cold, then keep away from cold drinks for some time. This type of combination can cause stomach pain or other problems. The effect of this bad food combination can also be visible on the skin.

Ghee and honey: Both these things may be considered a boon for health, but consuming them together can harm the digestive system. Taking these two together can lead to the formation of toxic byproducts, which cause neurological and skin-related problems.

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