Healing with self-love

Healing with self-love

When the scenographer Sumant Jayakrishnan was first approached for an installation for Valentine’s Day at The Chanakya, his heart sank a touch .

“I always consider the cheesy aspect of the day. I don’t understand what ‘will you be my Valentine’ means? But as they spoke about self-love, I realised I could check out other aspects of affection ,” says the artist. performing on the installation, Heal the planet , proved to be an attribution to his restored psychological state .

“Over the last year and a half, I’ve been working with a healer and a therapist because I had gone into depression and anxiety. In six months, from being someone who wasn’t during a happy space, i used to be ready to celebrate turning 50, celebrate life and therefore the people I even have in my life. So, due to all this, I said I wanted to figure on the thought of how love heals people on a day to day ,” says Jayakrishnan.

The first visible aspect of the installation may be a series of images of individuals in twos of all ages, diversities and cultures, including children and animals, on translucent overlapping polycarbonate sheets.

There is a passage in between these layers by the recurring opaque image of the outline of a red heart connecting of these people, which Jayakrishnan calls the “Tunnel of Love”.

The rooftop and bottom surfaces of the installation are reflective; as also the zig-zag mirror back wall inscribed with the words “Heal the World” layered onto it. “It may be a kaleidoscopic message which is constant and visual , regardless of where you stand,” he adds.