How accurate is it to call hand-foot and mouth disease tomato fever? Understand the whole thing in easy language

How accurate is it to call hand-foot and mouth disease tomato fever? Understand the whole thing in easy language

Along with the world, India has also been fighting an epidemic like Corona for the last few years. After the corona epidemic, monkeypox drew lines of concern on the forehead of the world and now a new disease has knocked. Hand, foot, and mouth disease (HFMD), which we know as tomato fever. This disease is targeting children. This fever is making children from 1 year to 5 years old and adults who have low immunity power.

This is a matter of illness. Now let's talk about what we know as tomato fever, how accurate is it to call it tomato fever or tomato fever? Experts on this matter say that the hand-foot-and-mouth disease, which is called HFMD i.e. Hand Foot Mouth Disease, is being confused by giving it the name tomato fever.

What do medical experts have to say?

Dr. Rajeev Jayadevan, Co-Chair of IMA's National Task Force on this matter says that tomato fever is a confusing name for hand, foot, and mouth disease. It is a mild fever that is found in children below 10 years. This is caused by the Coxsackie virus. Due to this red marks are left, which someone called tomato fever, which has now climbed on everyone's tongue, but it would be wrong to call it tomato fever because many people think that this disease is spreading through tomatoes.

It is necessary to check the correct facts

Dr. Dhiren Gupta, the Senior Consultant at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, says that for the last few days it is coming in the newspapers that a new disease has come from Kerala which is named Tomato Fever. The country is still recovering from a serious disease like corona, and now the name of the new disease has come to the fore. Such news creates panic among the people. Before this, it is very important to check the correct facts about the disease.

He further said that it looks like a hand, foot, and mouth disease. In which joint pain and very high fever are included. This disease can be caused by several types of enteroviruses. It is not as deadly as other viruses.

How does this disease spread?

Dr. Rajeev Jayadevan says that this disease spreads from person to person like it usually happens in cold also. Therefore, while changing the diaper of the child, care should be taken if you do not have any infection.

What is its defense?

Dr. Jayadevan explains that prevention from this disease can be done by keeping hands clean and taking necessary precautions. In this only supportive treatment is needed. There is nothing serious in this and there is no need to worry at all.

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