If you are a thyroid patient, do not forget these 5 things, keep special attention in winter

If you are a thyroid patient, do not forget these 5 things, keep special attention in winter

Thyroid is a disease which women are suffering from at an early age. It is not that men do not get this disease, but women are three times more vulnerable than men. Once this disease is not found that you become a patient of medicine for the whole age and  the biggest problem is that it does not allow a woman to become a mother, that is, the problem of infertility.  Apart from this,  periods become irregular, the body becomes obese,  unwanted hair starts coming on the face  and if it is not controlled, then it becomes the cause of many other diseases.

Thyroid is also of two types. One hypo then the other hyper thyroid. Most cases of hypo thyroidism are heard. Any connection to the thyroid is caused by hormone imbalance. The thyroid gland, which is shaped like a butterfly in the throat, produces two types of hormones T3 and T4. When disturbed, problems start. 

If you are a thyroid patient, then you need to take special care of yourself in the  winter season because metabolicism gets slow in the winter season due to which weight gain increases, so they need to take special care of 5 things. Explains those 5 things in detail.

Routine checkup of hormones level 
Get thyroid patients checked for hormone levels every 3 to 4 months because as the weather changes, the problem of hormonal imbalance increases in thyroid patients, so do medical check up on time. 

Eat body heat diet 
Your food and drink plays the most important role in this problem. This patient should eat a heat-giving diet, because it produces heat in the body, so that the food is easily digested. Whole grains, cow milk, brown rice, green tea, black pepper, almond peanuts, seasonal fruits, milk, yogurt should be eaten. Such patients should not consume soybean, cabbage and cauliflower. 

Avoiding sweet and carbs food 
During the cold season sweet and carbs are very keen on eating things but thyroid patients have to avoid it because it increases the weight rapidly and once the weight of the thyroid patient increases, it is very difficult to control. If such patients consume more protein-rich pulses, then if they want to eat sweet, then consume natural fruits. Drink green tea instead of tea coffee. 

Light exercise and yoga 
Mild light exercise is very beneficial for these patients. As well as regular yoga. With yoga, you can also take up activities like Juba and Dance. 

Soak up the sun 
Sunbathing works as a natural medicine for such patients. The body also needs sunlight for vitamin D. So, sunbathe for 20 to 30 minutes daily. It also keeps the mood right and also removes the problem of seasonal affective disorder that occurs in cold weather. 

Keep in mind that the initial carelessness in the thyroid can later put a strain on health as the weight is not under control and when the weight increases, the risk of other diseases also doubles.  Get medical checkups done regularly.

Make Kashmiri Kahwa Chai at home instead of regular tea, it is very beneficial for health

Make Kashmiri Kahwa Chai at home instead of regular tea, it is very beneficial for health

Without tea, most people do not start their day. Drinking cheeses provides energy. In cold, cold, drink tea. In this way, Kashmir tea is called kahwa. Kahwa is very famous for its taste and aroma. It is a healthy drink that is used to keep the body warm. Cinnamon, saffron, cardamom, cloves and dry fruits like cashew nuts, almonds, raisins are added to this tea.

This tea is made in a traditional kettle called samovar. Different spices are mixed to make this tea. Drinking this increases your immunity. Also prevents seasonal infections. Drinking this tea makes the digestive system strong and our weight is also under control.

Tea has many types of antioxidants which helps in reducing stress. Drinking this does not cause cold, cough problems. However, this tea contains almonds which helps to keep our skin healthy and moisturized.

Let's know how to make

1. To make Kahwa tea, mix 2 cardamom, 2 cloves and half a cinnamon and grind it well in a grinder. After this, grind 4 to 5 almonds, walnuts well.
2. You add 2 cups of water to the kettle and mix cardamom, cinnamon, almonds, cloves and walnut paste.
3. Add some dry rose leaves to it and add one teaspoon of kashmiri green tea leaf. Let it boil for a while.
4. Now filter out this tea. Garnish with almonds and saffron. There is no need to add sugar to this tea. If you like to drink sweet, then you can add light sugar.

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