Is human organ trafficking under the pretext of treatment? People afraid of getting corona test done

Is human organ trafficking under the pretext of treatment? People afraid of getting corona test done

Corona cases are increasing rapidly in India, but at the same time many rumors are also spreading in the country. Actually, people in the country have sat in the mind that it is being played with Corona Testing. People feel that doctors are smuggling human organs under the pretext of corona treatment. At the same time, in many cities along with Punjab, people are afraid of getting the test done.

Attacks on health workers
According to rumors circulating in Punjab, people are being killed on the pretext of covid-19, for which the virus is just an excuse. Not only this, health workers who test or treat covid-19 are being attacked with brick stones. Such rumors have been promoted by Internet and social media such as WhatsApp, Facebook.

Bad effect on government's efforts
Although the government is preparing to run many videos and campaigns to spread awareness. However, such rumors are hindering the treatment of Corona. Due to such rumors, testing is delayed and due to this more people are vulnerable to Corona. Not only this, in the country, Punjab Health Minister Balbir Singh Sidhu says that all these things are false. Those who die from the corona are not allowed to touch anyone, then there is no question of removing the organ.

Information related to Kovid-19
People say that earlier only old people were dying of corona but now young are also dying. How can this happen? There are also reports that doctors were swapping bodies. An old person died in a family, but they were given the corpse of a young woman. How will people trust in such a situation? However, the exchange of dead bodies is just someone's fault and not the issue of human trafficking.

Such rumors have spread before
Arvinder Gill, deputy director of the state's health department, says people have spread similar rumors during polio and rubella vaccination. Even many people refused to take vaccination saying that it would cause fever or it could prove fatal.

Such rumors can prove dangerous
According to Dr. Gill, such rumors could prove dangerous in the Corona era because people would not know that they were infected. With this, they will move around and infect more people. At the same time, this will affect their health too and later doctors may not be able to help them either.

What to do?
If you are scared of going to the hospital after being a victim of these rumors, do not worry. If symptoms like corona are appearing then first quarantine yourself for 14 days and consult a doctor on the phone. If it does not matter even after 14 days, then it will be better for you to go to the doctor.