Know how much belly fat is Do less with these methods

Know how much belly fat is Do less with these methods

In today's time, every other person is upset with belly fat. In this problem, too much fat gets stored in the stomach and its lower part. In this, the body starts to look flat and bad. If you do not reduce it in time, the risk of diabetes, high blood pressure and the risk of heart-related diseases also increases manifold. 

Belly fat discomfort can also be associated with mental stress. Due to this, our body has a deep and bad effect. In fact, people make a lot of efforts to reduce the fat stored near their stomach. But they do not reduce it, they start getting tense. In such a situation, before reducing it, it is necessary to know what kind it actually is. Only then can it be reduced. So let's tell you how to reduce it by telling the types of belly fat ...

Let me tell you here, actually there are 5 types of belly fat. So let's have a look at ways to reduce belly fat ...
Postpartum belly 
Often, many women on the lower part of the body face the problem of excess fat after delivery. 

How to reduce
To reduce such fat, exercising daily is the best option. Apart from this, it can also be reduced through body massage. But do both these tasks as much as your body can bear. In fact, the mother's body becomes very weak after delivery of the child. In this way, he needs to take special care of his health. Also, the women whose delivery is done through the operation, they should consult the doctor before doing any kind of exercise. 

Alcohol belly
As the name suggests, this type of belly fat occurs in people who consume heavy amounts of alcohol. Actually, alcohol, alcohol, beer etc. have a lot of calories in drinks. Due to its excessive intake, the digestive system is weakened and it affects the lower part of the body. Due to this, the body starts getting fat. Along with this, cholesterol starts increasing in the body, which increases the risk of heart-related diseases many times. 

How to reduce
For this, stop consuming alcohol and include green vegetables and fresh fruits in the diet. Also do daily exercises related to pelvic area. 

Hormonal belly 
In today's time, many women are struggling with PCOD. In this situation, many types of hormonal changes take place in the body. Due to this change many hormones increase or decrease. In such a situation, many people have to face the problem of accumulation of fat on the stomach. 

How to reduce
In such a situation, there is a need to make some changes in your diet to correct your hormonal level. For this, you can get a diet chart according to your health by taking advice from a doctor or dietician. In such a situation, you can overcome this problem soon by following this diet chart.

Bloated belly 
Flatulence begins when digestive difficulties arise. This is called bloated belly. 

How to reduce
To reduce this type of fat, take probiotic foods i.e. yogurt, miso soup, broccoli, sour cabbage, cheese etc. Also drink 7-8 glasses of water daily. You can also reduce it daily by running or doing cardio exercises in the morning. This will help in decreasing the fat deposited on the body and boost energy level. 

Stress belly 
Many people start eating excessively due to excessive anxiety and tension. Due to this habit, belly fat increases rapidly. Apart from this, not getting full sleep also works to increase belly fat. In such a situation, when there is no shape of the body, it starts to look bad and bad. 

How to reduce
Avoid worrying about it to reduce it. Also get full sleep for 7-8 hours. Apart from this, reduce the use of caffeine, junk food, spices food, salt in the diet. Also, do yoga, meditation, exercise in the open air every morning. With this, you can also do walks, cardio and aerobic style exercises. This will help reduce your belly fat.