Know what is Parkinson's disease and how to recognize it

Know what is Parkinson's disease and how to recognize it

Many people are not aware of Parkinson's disease , as symptoms do not emerge in the initial stages. Parkinson's disease is a disorder associated with the nervous system that affects the movement of the body. Its symptoms start gradually. Sometimes there is only mild vibration in one hand. In addition, a decrease in stiffness or speed is also a distinct symptom of Parkinson's disease. Although Parkinson's disease cannot be cured, medications can greatly improve your symptoms. In some special occasions, the need to do surgery to regulate certain areas of the brain and improve your symptoms may be felt. So let's know in detail about the symptoms of Parkinson's disease-

Health experts point out that some symptoms are seen in the early stages of this disease and these symptoms can be different in every person. Initial signs may be mild and therefore usually go unnoticed. Symptoms often start from one side of your body and then gradually these symptoms affect both sides.

To vibrate

According to the health expert, tremor is the first symptom of Parkinson's disease. It may be that there is a slight vibration in your hands or fingers when you are sitting like this. You will not feel this vibration while working, but in the state of rest the hands and fingers can be seen and felt moving slightly.

Slowing down of work

Health experts point out that Parkinson's disease can also slow down your functioning. Which can make your easy tasks even harder and it may take you longer than expected. For example, your steps may be shorter when you walk. It can also be a little difficult for you to get up from a chair.

Muscle stiffness

Muscle stiffness is also a symptom of Parkinson's disease. Muscle stiffness can occur in any part of your body, and this sore muscle can cause you pain and it can also limit your movement.

Change in speaking and writing

A person suffering from this disease may also have difficulty in writing and in addition he may also experience difficulty in speaking. Therefore, if a person sees this symptom, then he must get his examination done once.