Know what is pylonidal cyst, why and how this disease occurs

Know what is pylonidal cyst, why and how this disease occurs

Pilonidal cysts may be a new term for many people. But most of the men will be well aware of it. It is a small hole in the skin, usually above the hips and at the end of the spine. It often has a wound or abscess, which also contains pus. When the broken hair from the body goes inside the skin, it causes skin infection and then it is a problem of pylonid cyst. Since men have more hair on their skin, they are more likely to have this problem. So, in this article today, we are telling you about the pylonidal cyst and the reasons behind it-

What is Pilonidal Cyst

Health experts say that there is actually a small hole or wound in the pylonidal cyst, which is in the upper parts of the hips. This problem occurs when the hair in the back of the skin becomes disorganized or due to some reason it gets absorbed into the skin pores. Gradually the infection starts to grow, which also increases the wound and causes a lot of pain. In such a situation, medical help is required for the treatment of this problem. According to the health expert, men who sit in one place for a long time are more likely to have this problem.

What happens cause

If the causes of pylonidal cysts are talked about, then the real reasons for this cannot be said completely. By the way, hair breakage from the skin becomes the main reason for this. Many times there is a rubbing of the hips or erosion in that area. At the same time, the skin between the buttocks is sunken to some extent in some people . In this situation, the broken hair from my skin goes into it. After which the skin infection begins and then the pylonidal cyst begins. Men who have more hair on their skin are more likely to get this disease.

Always stay away from these four zodiac signs, crisis may put you

Always stay away from these four zodiac signs, crisis may put you
If the problems cannot be solved by astrology and then it is very difficult to solve through any other means, today we are going to tell you an important feature of your zodiac, although all the zodiac signs are very important in their own way. There are 4 of them which are really very powerful.
These zodiac signs are powerful:
# Aries: People of this zodiac are considered to be the most energetic and people of this zodiac are always active, and they do not have to stop and start ignoring those who do not like it, they do not trust anyone quickly. Let's do it.
# Scorpio: One more thing to tell that the people of this zodiac are honest but their nature is also malevolent from within. It is always wary of fraudsters while being honest with honest. 
# Aquarius: For these zodiac signs, we never get carried away by taking any decision and if necessary, it goes ahead by bypassing our emotions and our sensations. These people are very interesting, intelligent and curious, they are stubborn and confident. 
# Capricorn: Tell you about this zodiac sign, this zodiac is considered to be the most excellent zodiac and people of this zodiac have a strong sense of self control and have the ability to think and understand differently. 

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