Know when and how to drink buttermilk, what are its disadvantages

Know when and how to drink buttermilk, what are its disadvantages

We drink buttermilk as considered beneficial for the digestive system. It is nutritious for the body but it also has some disadvantages, so it is important to know some things before taking it-

Buttermilk is not only cold but it is also sour. In such a situation, drinking it regularly puts you at risk of arthritis. Although easily digested buttermilk is beneficial in the problem of indigestion, loss of appetite, constipation etc. but it can be harmful for bones. Increases stiffness in joints as well as acts as a blocker in blood circulation in muscles and nerves.

Right time -
Its got 300 at a time before 2 pm in winter. (One glass). Do not take after this.

Who should not drink -
Patients with shortness of breath should avoid this as it may increase their discomfort. They should take it in limited quantity even in summer. Also, do not drink it with arthritis, joint and muscle pain problems.

If you have to drink -
such patients who have problems with asthma, arthritis, joint and muscle aches etc. and still want to drink buttermilk, then by adding a sprinkle of buttermilk, you can make raita and include it occasionally. By doing this, there will be little change in its effectiveness. Also, it will not do damage in winter.

Ghee Benefits: Do not believe in the confusion related to Ghee, it is beneficial for weight loss and heart.

Ghee Benefits: Do not believe in the confusion related to Ghee, it is beneficial for weight loss and heart.

All of us pay special attention to our food and drink to stay healthy. Apart from this, in order to keep ourselves fit, we make a distance from all those things which we consume increases our weight. Desi ghee is one of the things that can cause weight gain, heart problems and digestive system are weak. You all must have heard these things. But it is not true. We are telling you about the confusion associated with desi ghee. This is a superfood. You can stay healthy and fit by consuming it.

Ghee is difficult to digest

Ghee is among those products that contain butyric acid. Because of this, your immune system is strong as well as helps to digest food properly. Desi ghee provides relief from diseases like constipation and bowel syndrome. According to Ayurveda, desi ghee strengthens your digestive system. Also relieves stomach problem.

Ghee increases obesity

Most people feel that eating desi ghee leads to weight gain, but it is not so. Rather, ghee contains linoleic acid which helps in reducing the fat stored in your thigh, waist and stomach. Ghee is a monounsaturated fat that helps burn your fat cells. Eating one teaspoon of ghee daily is beneficial for your health.

Harmful to heart patients

Ghee contains plenty of anti-oxidants, vitamins A, D, E. Eating ghee reduces bed cholesterol in the body and also reduces the calcium present in the artisans. Consuming ghee daily reduces 10 to 25 percent cholesterol. Ghee should be used against olive oil, peanut oil and butter.

Cooking food in ghee is harmful

Cooking on high heat can sometimes result in good fat free radicals. Due to which inflammation and heart damage can occur. Ghee's smoke point is 250 degrees Celsius, due to which you can deep fry the food for a long time. It will not be harmful to your health either.

Ghee is harmful for health

Many dieticians recommend eating ghee. By consuming ghee, the toxins of the body come out and the risk of cancer is also reduced. This is good for your metabolism. Ghee controls the amount of glucose in the body, which keeps your diabetes under control.

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