Know why stretch marks occur during pregnancy, follow these tips for protection!

Know why stretch marks occur during pregnancy, follow these tips for protection!

There are many changes in a woman's body during pregnancy. Stretch marks are also one of the same changes. Stretch marks means stretch marks. Stretch marks can fall on any part of the body, but mostly they are seen on the lower abdomen, hips, thighs and breast. Stretch marks usually occur in the second quarter.

In fact, due to enlargement of stomach during pregnancy, not only the upper layer of your skin gets stretched, but the lower layers also get pulled. This causes the collagen to break down a bit and this is seen as stretch marks. Stretch marks are light to someone and deep to someone, the reason may be genetic. It is not possible to completely avoid stretch marks, but it can be reduced by trying some measures.

These measures will work

1. Rub the aloe vera on the stretch marks for 15 minutes and then wash it with lukewarm water. By doing this daily, the stretch marks will gradually become lighter.

2. Make a scrub by adding almond oil and lemon juice to a spoonful of sugar. Massage the area with the scratch marks with light hands. In time, a little effect will start appearing.

3. To control the weight, do regular exercises as advised by the doctor.

4. Drink lots of water, this makes the skin flexible. You can also consume fruits and vegetables with water excess, such as watermelon, cucumber, gourd etc.

5. Take a diet rich in nutrients. In particular, eat things containing vitamin C and D.

6. Massage with coconut hands in place of stretch marks daily with coconut oil can also relieve this problem.

For diabetic patients, jamun kernels are not less than Sanjeevani, also gives relief in these problems

For diabetic patients, jamun kernels are not less than Sanjeevani, also gives relief in these problems

Sour-sweet berries are considered very good in terms of health. This is also liked by most people. But its kernels, which we usually throw away as garbage, are also no less than berries for profit. Among all the problems including diabetes, stomach problems, berries are not less than Sanjivani. Berries kernels are used as its powder. Learn about all its benefits.

1. Anti-diabetic properties are found in berries of berries. It controls blood sugar in patients with diabetes type-2. In such a situation, jamun kernels are very beneficial for diabetes patients.

2. The amount of alejic acid is found in the berries of berries. All the research suggests that the acidic acid is very helpful in reducing the increased BP. In such a situation, it can be used for high BP patients to reduce blood pressure. Many experts believe that blood pressure can be reduced by about 36 percent with the use of aalic acid.

3. After pimples, dry and grind the berries. Mix cow's milk in this powder and apply it on the face at night, and wash your face with cold water in the morning. It gives a lot of benefits.

4. Crude fiber is found in berries of berries. Crude fiber is good enough to improve the digestive system.

5. If there is a problem of stones, eating the powder of jambule with curd and eating it helps in stone.

6. Jamun kernels are also very beneficial for better health of teeth and gums. Berries kernels contain calcium. Teeth and gums remain strong by its use.

7. If the child makes the bed wet, then grind the berries of jambule and give half-spoonful of it with water twice a day.

8. If there is any difficulty in speaking, then rinse with a decoction of jamun kernel. This makes the voice clear.

9. If you are troubled by a gastric problem, then using berries of kernels can also provide relief from this problem. Drinking powder or extract of extracts of berries relieves gas problem.

How to make powder

To make the powder after drying the berries in the sun, wash the kernels thoroughly after eating them. Then dry it properly in the sun and peel it off. Grind it well after it dries. Take one spoon daily in the morning with lukewarm water on an empty stomach. Please consult a specialist once before taking it.

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