Lemon Water Side Effects: Know that drinking too much lemon water can be harmful for your health

Lemon Water Side Effects: Know that drinking too much lemon water can be harmful for your health

 Lemon Water Side Effects: Lemon juice is full of essential nutrients, which are also necessary for our body, but its daily consumption can also cause serious harm to health. Drinking too much lemon water causes dehydration in the body and increases the problem of dehydration. Apart from this, many people also start feeling cold and hot in the teeth. Lemon contains citric acid, due to which excessive amount goes into the body, it harms our body. Apart from this, there are many other problems, which can be caused by drinking more lemonade. Let us know about the disadvantages of drinking lemonade.

Disadvantages of drinking too much lemon water

Urine and dehydration:

If you are drinking lemon mixed with hot water, then the problem of frequent urination may start. This can also cause a lot of water loss in your body. This is because lemon-water removes excess amount of water from your body. In this process, many electrolytes and elements like sodium are also passed out of the body through urine. Sometimes this leads to the problem of dehydration. Potassium deficiency can also occur due to drinking more lemon-water.

Cold-hot feeling in the teeth:

Lemon contains citrus acid, which makes teeth sensitive due to excessive contact with the teeth. If you also have to drink lemonade, then always drink it with a straw, so that the water does not touch the teeth.

Migraine Pain:

According to health experts, excessive consumption of citrus fruits or drinks can increase the problem of migraine. Citrus fruits contain tyramine, which can cause headaches. For this reason people suffering from migraine should avoid consuming it.

Can cause heartburn:

Excessive consumption of lemon water increases the problem of heartburn. Lemon helps in activating the protein-breaking enzyme pepsin, which causes heartburn.

Effect on bones:

If lemonade is consumed in large quantities every morning, then its effect can also be seen on your bones. According to research, lemon juice absorbs the oil present in the bones, due to which there may be bone diseases in the future.

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To control sugar in 14 days, drink 2 cups of white tea daily

To control sugar in 14 days, drink 2 cups of white tea daily

Tea is widely consumed in the world. Especially in India people's day starts with tea. People drink several cups of tea throughout the day. People say about this that drinking tea gives them instant freshness. However, drinking green tea is more beneficial than other teas. Apart from this, you can also drink white tea. This tea is very beneficial for diabetic patients. Its consumption helps in controlling blood sugar. If you are also a diabetic patient and want to control blood sugar, then you can consume white tea-

controls blood sugar

White tea is made from the leaves and flowers of camellia. It contains properties of tannins, fluorides, flavonoids and anti-oxidants, which are very beneficial for health. It is a panacea especially for diabetes. This tea is a panacea for diabetic patients. Sugar is controlled by its consumption. It has antioxidant properties, which are helpful in reducing the risk of insulin resistance. For this, drink at least two cups of white tea throughout the day.

researchgate.net a research printed on. In this research, it has been told that white tea is able to control blood sugar. It contains an element called polyphenol, which reduces oxidative stress. It is also beneficial in reducing inflammation, obesity and diabetes. This research has been done on rats. Camellia extract was used in this. For this, researchers recommend diabetics to drink white tea.

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