Oxford's corona vaccine affects spinal cord, know side-effect

Oxford's corona vaccine affects spinal cord, know side-effect

There is a race among scientists around the world to make the Corona vaccine. Britain, America, China and India are included in this list. However, the vaccine produced by the US-based AstraZeneca company Corona has been banned. Actually, during the trial, this American vaccine has seen many side-effects in the people, due to which the vaccine will be changed and tested again.

America's vaccine caused transverse myelitis
According to reports, some side-effects have been observed in the patient with the drug of AstraZeneca company of America, due to which it is currently banned. The health of some people also deteriorated during the trial. At the same time, according to reports, one volunteer from the vaccine had transverse myelitis, which is inflammatory syndrome. 

What is transverse myelitis
TM, ie transverse myelitis, is a neurological disorder that can cause spinal cord inflammation and viral infarction. Due to this, not only is there unbearable pain, but the person also has difficulty in walking. Also, it also eliminates control from urin and stool.

How does this problem happen?
. Inadequate supply of blood in the spinal cord
. Caused by viruses like measles, small chicken pox, neuromulitis optica, multiple sclerosis, mums
. HIV This TB infection
. Vitamin B-12 deficiency in the body

Signs of illness
. Weakness and sharp pain in hands and feet
. Numbness of the spine
. Do not work below the waist.
. Severe neck pain

The MRI test is performed after which the doctors do the treatment, depending on the severity of the case. Physiotherapy is given to reduce pain. On the other hand, if there is no improvement in the situation for 6 months, then the situation can be serious.