Study: High Covid Virus Exposure Can Reduce Immunization Protection

According to a recent US research, the majority of us have been feeling relieved ever since receiving the COVID-19 immunization, however it seems that our problems have not yet been resolved. The study came to the conclusion that a person’s COVID-19 immunity as well as any earlier infections may be reduced or eliminated if they are exposed to the SARS-CoV-2 virus at a high level. According to the research, which was written up in the journal Nature Communications, social withdrawal and donning a mask may help lower the risk of infection among individuals who have already received vaccinations and those who have already contracted the disease.

The purpose of the research, according to PTI, was to determine if preexisting infection or vaccination-induced immunity would be less successful in protecting against high viral exposure.

Infections were monitored in the study’s 15,444 inhabitants of Connecticut’s prisons. The state was exposed to the COVID-19 Delta and Omicron versions between June 2021 and May 2022, during which time the study was carried out.

One of the researchers said that it is very challenging to locate a demographic group, such as the Connecticut Department of Correction, where it is possible to determine an individual’s kind of exposure, as well as their vaccination status and history of infections.

The research also suggested that people’s immunity was reduced when they lived near to COVID-19 infected individuals during the Delta and Omicron COVID-19 waves.

Without exposure to the Delta wave, it was discovered that the immunization was 68% effective. However, among those who were often exposed to the virus, it was only 26% effective. Without exposure, the prior infection was 79% successful in conferring immunity; however, after exposure, it was only 41% effective.

When it came to hybrid immunity, it offered 95% immunity without being exposed to the virus and 71% immunity as a result of the exposure.

The research also showed that the level of immunity produced by vaccination, previous infection, and hybrid immunity was lower during the wave of the Omicron variety.

One of the researchers was also reported as adding that their most recent work is the first to provide concrete proof of the exposure-dependent or “leaky” nature of the immunity provided by infection and vaccination.

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