The rising pace of swine flu in Mumbai

The rising pace of swine flu in Mumbai

The havoc of swine flu is increasing in Mumbai. So far 105 patients with swine flu have been found. Regarding this, BMC has advised citizens to be alert for this virus. During the monsoon, the number of patients suffering from diseases like dengue, malaria, lepto increases, but after two years in Mumbai, the cases of swine flu seem to be increasing so fast. Till July 31, 105 cases of swine flu have been registered in Mumbai. At the same time, only 64 cases were registered in 2021 and only 44 cases were registered in the year 2020.

Increased patients of viral disease

A clinic in Mumbai's Parel area is seeing more crowds of patients these days. People are apprehensive due to rising swine flu cases in Mumbai and many people are making rounds of hospitals as soon as they are suffering from colds and fever. Dr. Jeet Sangoi told ABP News that such a number of patients are being seen every day. Most people are suffering from viral infections like cold and fever. Hand, foot, and mouth diseases are also coming to the fore in children.

The doctor said that cases of swine flu are recognized when the health of the patients becomes more troublesome than the viral one. Such patients are advised to go to a bigger hospital. A patient had reached the clinic for the treatment of his son. He told that if a member of his house got infected with swine flu, then other people in the house have also fallen prey to it.

501 patients with swine flu found so far in Maharashtra

Till July 25, there were a total of 142 cases of swine flu in the state and now their number has increased to 501. Out of which 105 swine flu patients have been found in Mumbai, 143 in Pune, 36 in Palghar, 68 in Nashik, 45 in Nagpur, 71 in Kolhapur, and 6 in Thane, 27 in Kalyan Dombivli and so far 27 people have died due to this disease. Is.

BMC's preparation to deal with swine flu

The Medical Superintendent of Kasturba Hospital told ABP News that corona patients are admitted to Kasturba Hospital. There are also swine flu patients and wards have also been made for monkeypox patients in this hospital. At present, 10 patients with swine flu are admitted to the hospital.

He told that a special ward of 48 beds has been made for swine flu patients in the hospital. A special ward of 28 beds has also been made for patients with monkeypox. If the cases of swine flu increase, then arrangements will be made for swine flu patients in all other government hospitals and BMC hospitals.

At the same time, the number of swine flu patients is also increasing in private hospitals in Mumbai. Doctor Gautam Bhansali of Bombay Hospital told ABP News that 30 to 40 patients with symptoms of swine flu have been found in the hospital last week. He told that common diseases occur during the rainy season, but this time the number of swine flu patients is seen more.

Gautam Bhansali of Bombay Hospital said that in the last two years, the cases of swine flu were very less but this year it seems to be increasing. The reason behind this may be the lack of immunity in the patients. He said that swine flu is not affecting people in a very serious way.

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