These three are the best for sugar patients, diabetes will control

These three are the best for sugar patients, diabetes will control

In today's time, many people are troubled by the problem of blood sugar. In such a situation, there is a great need to keep it under control. Otherwise, many problems may have to be faced. Actually, blood sugar is a disease associated with metabolism. It plays a major role in the increase or decrease of sugar. The reason behind this happening is the lack of proper use of insulin hormones in the body, the pancreas is not functioning properly. If this is not taken care of in time, it increases the risk of kidney failure, eye problems, nervous system problems. In such a situation, today we tell you 3 yogasanas, which will help you to control sugar level. Also, you will get relief from other problems related to the body. Let us know how to do those Yogasams…

1. legs up-the-wall pose
It is an asana performed in the posture of rest. By doing this, the energy is transmitted to the body along with reducing stress. With all the organs of the body functioning optimally, it helps to speed up blood circulation. In such a case, blood pressure and sugar remain in control. Performing this asana in a relaxed posture causes body relaxation. In such a situation, stress reduces, a person gets happiness from inside. 

The way to do this posture
. First of all, lay mats on the open space and lie on your back. 
. Now raise the legs towards the wall and stand up straight. 
. Make a 90 degree angle from your body towards the wall. 
. Raise your axes upwards as well. 
. Spread your arms on both sides while relaxing the neck, chin and throat. 
. Stay in the same posture according to yourself or for at least 15 minutes. 
. After that, bring the feet slowly down and return to the posture of rest. 

2. Bound Angle Pose 
This asana is done in a restorative spiritual pose. It is beneficial in calming the nervous system of the body. Doing this yoga daily helps in reducing stress. In such a situation there is a level control of blood pressure and diabetes in the body. It helps to stimulate the functioning of abdominal organs, bladder and kidney. Apart from this, it works to strengthen the muscles of the waist and pelvic muscles. 

The way to do this posture
. First of all, lay the mat directly on the open space and lie down.
. Now slowly bend down and place your back on the floor.
. Touch the feet with your hands.
. Stretch the thighs, stretching the legs and the axes.
. Stay in this posture for at least 10 minutes.
. After that, he returned to a relaxed posture.

3. Spinal Twist
By doing this pose, all the abdominal organs are stimulated rapidly. In this case, it helps to keep diabetes under control. This posture provides relief from pain in the spine, back, waist and axes. With this, the stress level is reduced, fresh and relaxed feel. 

The way to do this posture
. First of all, lay the mat directly on an open area and lie down. 
. Now spread the arms straight on both sides. 
. Now bend your right knee upwards, then to the left. 
. After this, put the right foot on the left knee. 
. Now while exhaling, raise your right hip and bend the back to the left side.
. Turn your right knee down. 
. Keep in mind that both your hands are stuck on the ground during this time. 
. Turn your head slowly to the right.
. Do this asana for about 30 - 60 seconds. 
. After that, exhale and come to a relaxed posture. 

By doing these Yogasan daily, your blood sugar level will be under control. Also reduce stress, relieve pain in the body.