Through organ donation, a brain-dead army soldier provides three individuals a fresh lease on life

Through organ donation, a retired junior commissioned officer (JCO) from the Jammu and Kashmir Rifles gave three people a new lease on life. The JCO died away on Tuesday.

Following a brain stroke, the 70-year-old JCO was pronounced brain dead at the Western Command Hospital in Chandimandir. His crucial organs were donated with his family’s permission.

The hospital’s organ transplant specialists removed his cornea, kidneys, and liver in a lengthy midnight procedure.

Three critically ill individuals had their organs successfully transplanted at the Army’s Research and Referral Hospital in New Delhi after the Air Force swiftly transported the organs there and constructed a green corridor.

Critically sick patients have benefited from many organ harvesting and transplant procedures carried out by the Western Command Hospital in the past.

Organ donation was first implemented at the Western Command Hospital in 2014, after being initiated in the military in the late 2000s. The Armed Forces Organ Retrieval and Transplantation Authority in New Delhi is in charge of coordinating the procedure.

Similar life-saving procedures have also been carried out by a number of other military hospitals throughout the nation.

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