Uterine cancer can happen at any age, caution is the only prevention!

Uterine cancer can happen at any age, caution is the only prevention!

Uterine cancer is a disease that can happen to any woman at any age. If this disease is recognized on time and treated properly, then it can be cured. Dr. Renu Jain, the senior doctor of Jaypee Hospital, says that this disease does not occur at any particular age, but it can happen anytime. This disease can be avoided by getting checked from time to time. It has been seen that women often ignore the symptoms of uterine cancer. Dr. Renu told that a one-year-old girl had come to Jaypee Hospital for treatment. The test revealed that she had uterine cancer. His life was saved by treating him. It can be understood from this example that this disease has nothing to do with age, lack of awareness is an important reason for the seriousness of this disease. According to medical statistics, one in every 70 women gets uterine cancer. The main reason for the occurrence of this disease is not being able to detect the disease on time and even after getting the information, it is not able to get proper treatment of the disease on time.

Dr. Renu said, "The most important thing is that until this disease becomes serious, it is not caught." He said, "One out of every five women gets uterine cancer genetically. The BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes are more likely to cause this disease. It also increases the chances of breast cancer." The gynecologist said that if a close relative of a woman has had stomach, breast, or uterine cancer in the past, then the chances of getting this disease in other female members of the family are very high. In such a situation, women should immediately contact a doctor and get tested if symptoms of the disease appear. Symptoms of Uterine Cancer:

abdominal swelling
pelvic or abdominal pain
Difficulty eating, loss of appetite
frequent urination or frequent urination

According to Dr. Renu, apart from these symptoms, extreme fatigue, indigestion, irritability, upset stomach, pain in the lower back and legs, constipation or diarrhea, weight loss, menstrual irregularities and shortness of breath are also symptoms of uterine cancer. Huh. If these symptoms persist for more than two weeks, consult a doctor immediately. Statistics also show that 75 percent of women get tested only after the disease has progressed and only 19 percent of women are diagnosed with this disease earlier. Most of the women who are diagnosed with this disease after the disease becomes severe, most of them die within the period of five years.

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