WHO issued a warning regarding measles, one patient can infect 18 people

WHO issued a warning regarding measles, one patient can infect 18 people

The World Health Organization has issued a warning amid the spread of measles infection in the country and abroad. It has been said by WHO that a patient with measles can infect about 12 to 18 people. It has been said by experts that measles infection is as fatal as last year and the situation is getting worse this season.

According to WHO statistics, in 2021, around 9 million people were infected with measles worldwide and 128000 people died. Experts say that this virus had wreaked havoc in about 22 countries.

Low vaccination became a cause of concern
WHO and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said in a joint report that the threat of measles outbreaks in various regions around the world is fast approaching. There has been a steady decline in Measles vaccination due to the Coronavirus and the surveillance of the disease has also decreased, which is worrying.

40 million children missed measles vaccine dose
Measles is one of the most contagious human viruses and is almost completely preventable through vaccination. However, 95 percent of vaccination is needed to prevent community outbreaks. The joint report said that in 2021, about four crore children missed the dose of the measles vaccine. The organization's scientist Patrick O'Connor said that in 2021, about 40 million children missed the measles vaccine due to the corona pandemic, the barriers created by the WHO and the CDC. While its cases have not increased as compared to previous years. Narrowing it down will be a challenging 12-24 months.

Situation serious in Mumbai
The measles outbreak is increasing rapidly in Mumbai, the capital of Maharashtra. So far 12 people have died due to the grip of this dangerous disease in the metropolis. Amid the rise in measles cases in the city, the BMC also appealed to the general public to get their children vaccinated. In view of the outbreak of measles in Mumbai, all citizens are appealed to get their children aged 9 months to 5 years vaccinated with the measles vaccine, an official statement said.