Winter Tips: Swelling in hands and feet often comes in cold, then these remedies will work

Winter Tips: Swelling in hands and feet often comes in cold, then these remedies will work

In winter, many people get swelling problem in hands and feet. Especially on the hands and toes it has more effect. Sometimes it becomes difficult to do normal work due to pain. If you have this problem also, then it can be quite relaxing by trying some home tips.

Understand the cause of inflammation

Actually, in winter, blood circulation generally slows down. This is the reason that cases of brain stroke and heart attack also increase in this season. In such a situation, if you live in a cold place, or work continuously for a long time in icy water, then the blood flow in the hands and legs is greatly reduced due to the problem of swelling, along with the extremities. The color also starts to look red.

These are the remedies

Turmeric: Turmeric is an antibiotic and a natural antiseptic. Its effect is hot. If turmeric paste is applied on the swollen area at bedtime, it gives a lot of relief. But do these measures continuously for three to four days.

Onion: Onion is also rich in antibiotic and antiseptic properties, due to which it is also used to reduce swelling of sprains, etc. Remove the onion juice and apply it on the swollen area at bedtime and go to sleep. Relief will be seen in two to three days.

Mustard Oil: This oil is of normal nature, but if it is heated properly, its effect becomes hot. After heating mustard oil, add rock salt to it and apply it on the inflamed areas and sleep wearing socks. Doing this continuously for a few days will provide relief.

Lemon: Take a bowl of lemon juice and apply it on the fingers at night and cover the hands and feet and sleep, this will give you relief from swelling in a few days.

Oh wow! Can tea be so beneficial for health

Oh wow! Can tea be so beneficial for health

The call for tea is such that if people do not get tea on time, then the fond people start getting headaches. But more tea is said to be harmful for health. Drinking this causes problems like gas, acidity in the stomach. If you are also fond of drinking tea, then drink clove tea. This tea will work as a medicine for your health and will protect your body from both external and internal diseases. Know the benefits of clove tea.

1. Clove tea is very effective in eliminating digestive problems. Clove tea stimulates the digestive system and reduces acidity. If you drink clove tea about half an hour before eating, the food is easily digested.

2. Clove tea is helpful in relieving toothache. It has anti-bacterial properties. Apart from this, drinking clove tea during body pain is also very relaxing.

3. Clove tea is very beneficial to avoid cold. The effect of clove is hot, so drinking it two to three times on cold days or during seasonal changes prevents colds, coughs and colds.

4. Clove tea is also helpful in eliminating phlegm problem in sinus or chest. If you have a sinus
complaint, drinking clove tea daily in the morning ends the infection and relieves the sinus.

5. Eugenol present in cloves provides immediate relief in breathing problems. Drinking clove tea thrice a day gives great benefit to asthma patients.

How to make clove tea

Boil two to three cloves in a cup of water. After this, add small quarter teaspoon tea leaves. After filtering, add honey to it and drink.

These are the properties of cloves

Although cloves are used in all climates, but due to the warmer effect, in winter, it is consumed more in cloves. It is rich in potassium, protein, iron, sodium, carbohydrates, calcium and hydrochloric acid. Vitamin A and C are also found in cloves as well as magnesium and fiber are also present in it.

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