175 Nepalis evacuated from coronavirus-hit China sent to quarantine facility in Bhaktapur

175 Nepalis evacuated from coronavirus-hit China sent to quarantine facility in Bhaktapur

KATHMANDU: 175 Nepali nationals evacuated from the coronavirus-hit Chinese province of Hubei are sent to a quarantine facility found out at Kharipati in Bhaktapur district of the Himalayan country.

The Nepalis -- 170 students, 1 employee, 2 visitors, and a couple of children -- arrived in Kathmandu on Sunday morning on a chartered flight of ensign carrier Nepal Airlines.

Several of those evacuees took to social media to precise their contentment over their return to their homeland, sharing selfies and tweets from the quarantine facilities, and sharing the updates on Facebook.

"Finally arrived and settled here in Kharipati. The arrangements are far better than we expected. Feelings of returning range in such adverse conditions are beyond description. many thanks all concerned authorities. #Happy" Saurav Luitel tweeted, attaching a photograph of his passport.

Meanwhile, after the fixing of quarantine facility in Kharipati, several residents of the region have temporarily left for the cities due to fears of getting infected.

"People have left the place fearing they also could be infected with the virus. Those like me who do not have relatives and place to measure within the core areas are left here. We had raised the voice against it but there nobody is hearing and media also couldn't raise the difficulty for us," a resident said.

Locals of the Kharipati had previously protested against the government's decide to set the quarantine facility during a government-owned building (Training Facility of NepalElectricity Authority) located during a residential district .

The Nepal government has made provisions for psychological counselling for those inside the quarantine facility and has issued a notice requesting all to abide by the principles and regulations during the stay.

All 175 Nepalis evacuated from different regions of Hubei are going to be kept within the quarantine facility for a period of 14 days.

Coronavirus first originated within the Chinese city of Wuhan and has since then killed quite 1600 people therein country alone, while cases are registered in several countries across the planet , including Nepal and India.